The Crowdfunding Thread

I currently have four Kickstarters “active”:

Frosthaven - one year our ship will come. Sarah and I have had enormous fun (and value) from Gloomhaven having gone through the campaign once ourselves, finishing another campaign with friends and currently polishing off the Forgotten Circles expansion. We’re hoping for much goodness from this one.

Tang Gardens: Seasons - I’m turning out to be a sucker for a big box and really like the look and feel or the original which I managed to con Dave and Alison into playing at BourneCon. This will probably be the least played of the four so if ever I’m likely to be in the same place as someone who’s keen to try it please let me know and I’ll bring it along.

Hamlet - who doesn’t want to build a church? Sarah loves building things in games so this one caught my eye and is alleged to be on it’s way already… it should be at Essen so @RogerBW can let me know how much of a mistake I’ve made.

7th Citadel - I really liked the look of 7th Continent but by all indications the multiplayer game play was lacking in variety which is something they’ve looked to address in Citadel. Another “who’d have thought it would be this hard even though we’ve done it before” development saga so not expecting anything till next year.

I suspect the arrival order will be Hamlet, Frosthaven, Tang, 7th Citadel between now(ish) and next summer.


To build a church or not build a church, that is the question.


Well, see Crunchy Euros: Septima, Hamlet, Tabriz, Galileo Project, Deal with the Devil, Sabika, and Air Mail for a preview.

Current boardgame crowdfunding exposure:

  • Ell Deck - this isn’t going to happen
  • Rallyman Dirt - maybe November?
  • Aeon’s End Past and Future - probably my last AE box
  • Damask - I was weak, but really enjoyed my demo game at Airecon
  • SotM Rook City Renegades - I suspect I’m paying ~$40 extra for foil cards and maybe a few weeks of extra play; won’t KS the next box.

Had a look at my active ones:

  • Shikoku: 1889 is still far away. But I think I will play this and Assiniboia easily than 1830
  • My copy of JoCo2 is still not here :sob:
  • Boardgametables’ reprint of games from Cwali
  • Pilgrim - again, I’m biased as I had my finger in this pie. I enjoyed it as a heavy Euro
  • Warpgate: Beyond
  • Ra! Ra! Ra!
  • Amun-Re
  • Damask
  • Keydom’s Dragons - Keydom was hard to find. Glad this reprint happened
  • Age of Steam expansions - just the maps, as I already have Age of Steam.
  • Horseless Carriage - it’s a pre-order and they have my money. Pretty much how crowdfunding works.

I’m on my trick taking phase so I backed these

  • Violet and the Grumpy Nisse
  • Five Three Five
  • Full Sun


  • 18GB: Railways of Great Britain
  • 18New England - 2 player expansion
  • 18SJ: Railways in the Frozen North
  • 1817 expansions

I’m waiting for Sol: Last Days of a Star and see what the cost is like. There’s also rumours that 1841: Northern Italy will see massed production


My list remains „bad“ as in „too long“. I‘ve been using this mechanism of deferred shopping whenever I felt stressed out about the renovations and here we are.

Too long a list. Quite horrifying. Don‘t look inside

From oldest to newest additions:

  • Raid - small cardgame made by people with no experience with the publishing industry whatsoever. I am surprised this seems to actually have finished printing.
  • Darwin‘s Journey - one of those „why did I back this“ campaigns that is a year overdue.
  • Frosthaven - there was another delay? I don‘t mind. Not in a hurry to play this yet. I need to still finish either the digital or cardboard campaign for Gloomhaven. But I am excited for the new characters. We tried some out on TTS way back and they are just as genius as the Gloomhaven ones. I need a boardgame table just for these 2 games.
  • Everdell: The Complete Collection - it seems to be shipping now in some places. I expect to get this before Christmas
  • Stationfall: I also think that I will get this, this year. I think this is also a year overdue. My excitement for this has waned a little. It is a curious thing a game of hidden identities. I bought it because there was supposed to be a solo mode and I am curious how that can work. Also the variety of identities… backed when I was waiting for BotC…
  • Hoplomachus Victorum: I just wanted to own 1 chip theory game. This campaign came along, looked interesting. Just got news that they discovered some issues after packing and they will have a few copies for sale in Essen but backer copies will not ship until way after Essen because they need to correct those errors. There was a story how those copies for Essen were „repaired“ without their knowledge and… yeah I don‘t believe it. But whatever. It is not like I am short on games.
  • Paperback Adventures: overdue as well. But it is slowly getting there. Maybe this year? In the meantime I am still playing Hardback on BGA
  • Forests of Pangaia: backed this because it was a „local“ designer, but of course it is also made in China. Meh. Something something with trees. I think production is finished. On to the shipping issues then.
  • Earthborne Rangers: also backed this to hopefully get local production. Didn‘t pan out either. I am turned off from big story campaign games and I wonder if this one with the illustrous cast of people making it will have enough actual game in it to make me want to play it all. Very slow going with this one I feel. Definitely not getting it this year.
  • Voidfall: Euro Space 4x by Mindclash. There is a demo at SPIEL, I will definitely check it out—and try to play Astra.
  • Verdant: this also includes my copies of Calico (sold my German edition) and Cascadia. Meh why is this taking so long. It should be on the boat at least.
  • Distilled: this is where more and more games are not Kickstarter but Spieleschmiede instead. I‘ve mentioned them before. This is a German shop that also does small crowdfunding campaigns for localized editions of games with a number of German publishers (and they just managed to hold up Assault on Doomrock for which I backed the English edition because I had not idea the DE was coming at the same time. They are too slow translating). Anyway the model here is really more of a regular preorder. Get the goodies, pay retail price and no problems with shipping costs at all. As they are only dealing with customers in German speaking countries everything is much easier and I have happily backed and received a number of games from them. And there are always a number of copies available at retail if you missed the campaigns and they do more print-runs. A lot of the more indie crowdfunding games end up here. And the more I shy away from the shipping and VAT issues with the international platforms, the more I turn here and see what they are translating. The other big OLG-turned-publisher that does German versions of big crowdfunding is Pegasus/Frosted Games btw and that‘s just retail. They often get quite a few print runs. Typing this I really don‘t know why I do so many crowdfunding campaigns when all the good stuff eventually gets translated by one of the German publishers. Anyway Distlled was the first Kickstarter I didn‘t back because of INSANE shipping costs. Turns out the translated version has no shipping costs at all. Still waiting for it. Backed for theme.
  • Hoop Godz: indie game about basket ball that has seen some delay—a lot of it in fact and should have been out a while ago. There was some drama in the updates about backers badgering the publisher…
  • Tindaya: backed for some Spirit Island shenanigans. This is for sure more of a regular Euro. But… should be shipping sometime soonish?
  • 51st State super duper master everything edition: this is all Zee‘s fault. Haven‘t heard anything in a while.
  • Unsettled: missed the original campaign this is with the expansions. Yet another attempt to find something my partner will enjoy. It does remind us both of No Man‘s Sky. Didn‘t back this directly but via a group pledge and I am curious how that will turn out. Not anywhere close to getting here.
  • TM: Ares Expedition expansion: now that I‘ve played TM solos so much I wonder … I like Ares Expedition because it has a better chance at getting to the table. But TM is still better. I have everything for TM and so I need everything for Ares Expedition as well, obviously.
  • Tamashii: Chronicles of Ascend. Big neon pink cyberpunk stuff. How could I not back this? Yeah something something about story-based campaign games not being for me. But cyberpunk! Long way off.
  • Assault on Doomrock: if I had known the German edition would get made alongside this, I would have backed that. Meh. Anyway, cooperative „dungeon“ shenanigans. No story. Should be great. I blame SVWAG.
  • Oranienburger Kanal: Uwe Rosenberg made a yellow game with a terrible cover. But who cares. It‘s Uwe. I don‘t remember why exactly I thought I needed another one of this games when I have Nusfjord, Odin, Hallertau and Arle (and Bohnanza). But I am excited nonetheless. (No no no I am not buying Atiwa, go away) Backed this on Spieleschmiede—weirdly Spielworxx is a German publisher who also translates all of Cole Wehrle‘s stuff but they do Kickstarters for their own projects and sometimes also mix in Spieleschmiede. I say they… the publisher is just 1 guy. He still owes me a copy of John Company 2 as well :wink: And please announce the latest Root expansions in German…
  • Ra: I actually had to put in my sister‘s address in France for delivery. Germany truly was not available. I can‘t believe it. I will check out the Dicetree edition at SPIEL.
  • Arcs: I blame Cole Wehrle‘s other games. Haven‘t heard anything in a while.
  • Septima: How come this game is probably done before Voidfall? And why is a game about witch covens designed by a man? Meh. I recently went through my preorders and all of the games are by designed by men except Verdant & Everdell I think.
  • Furnace: Interbellum. I actually backed it with the base game at Spieleschmiede. I already received the base game when my copy of Iki (also „crowdfunded“) came in the other day. Yay for Spieleschmiede! Schmiede means smithy by the way so backers are called „smiths“ :slight_smile:
  • John Company 2: this is a preorder at Spielworxx— should be imminent I hear.
  • Moonrakers expansions: I had another moment of weakness. I like that if you backed the big box and the expansions you will get the expansions inside the big box without additional expansion boxes. Completionist me rejoices. Other me thinks: wow that was expensive.
  • Trailblazers: I could have waited for retail. But then I would not have been able to make sure I got the „everything“ edition. I love the basic concepts behind this. Reminds me a little it of Fairy Trails (oops another Rosenberg). Also I have yet to own a game from Mr Pipeline and this one speaks to me more than his other designs.
  • Flick of Faith: with everything. Backed on Spieleschmiede. Could not resist. We have no flicking games. Might as well try this. I was tempted by the original Kickstarter way back when.
  • Legacy of Yu—a dedicated solo game by Shem Philips who does the best campaigns. I had been looking forward to backing this really.
  • Cat in the Box: just a regular preorder.
  • Weimar: I need to own this more than I need to play this. I wrote my graduation history exams on this extremely important period of German history. I also want to show this to my cousin who teaches history. Backed at KS because there was no direct preorder and also because the KS price includes shipping and Vat. Expensive. Expensive. And only plays 4 exactly. But this is probably going to be hard to get a hold of later. Spielworxx is not known for reprints. And this is such a niche thing.
  • Daybreak: I have played and enjoyed Pandemic a lot over the years. I hope this is going to be as good. It may end up being very depressing. I don‘t know. My long list of games suggests that I am not doing to well consuming less. But maybe this is also a tool to get people talking. This as much as Weimar is an unsubtly political game.

Edit: games that delivered since my last update

  • Rove: lovely little brain burner
  • Marvel Dice Throne: battle yatzee Marvel style. It‘s okay.
  • On Mars Alien invasion: yay we played the coop mode! I forgot what a good game On Mars is.
  • Blood on the Clocktower: still awaiting bigger game days this fall
  • Viscounts of the West Kingdom: Big Box and expansions. 1 expansion is good the other is fine.
  • Iki via Spieleschmiede. It never even made it into the updates it got here so fast.

Blockquote Well, see Crunchy Euros: Septima, Hamlet, Tabriz, Galileo Project, Deal with the Devil, Sabika, and Air Mail for a preview.

Thanks Roger, I did see that and I think I’m still happy with my choice but noted your comment :slight_smile:

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My ISS Vanguard copy arrived. I ran out of pears for size, so I used a more local kiwi.

Then I put my copy of Spirit Island next to it, as it is more standardized…

This thing is HUGE. I expend like hour and a half on Friday night organizing cards and components for it, and I still haven’t done the punching of cardboard pieces.


Oh my god, this makes up for at least 3 entries from my list :stuck_out_tongue:

You only seem to back the „small“ games on KS… can I see this next to Bardsung?


Bardsung is bigger, but lighter.


I’m just waiting for John Company. My husband has finally managed to sort out his pledge manager issues for the Age of Steam expansions. Top tip: don’t use an Apple ID to log into Kickstarter because they will try and email the weird fake email address and it won’t work.


With my copy of Everdell supposedly being delivered tomorrow, I am left with three KS/GF, I believe:

Unmatched storage boxes: I like the idea of having all of my Unmatched stuff in just a couple of boxes (not counting the T-rex, they just couldn’t make it fit). Also got some card sleeves and promo art cards.

Ra: I remember being interested in this ever since Quinns’ review years ago, and being able to get the newest, arguably prettiest version for a reasonable price is great. Deluxe version would have been nice, but I couldn’t justify doubling the cost.

Floating Floors: I really enjoyed the preview of this during one of the Aw-SHUX online conventions. And at the time, I did not have any dexterity games involving stacking and balance.

That’s it!

I also have a pre-order in for Unmatched: Houdini vs. the Genie, but that is not crowdfunded.

Everdell is by a man as well. James Wilson. Though I believe some expansion content was designed by one or more women.


Waiting for orienburger kanal to show up and damask.

I have a sort of pledge manager decision to make with arcs. I don’t think Ill play it with my partner so it’s kind of a dumb purchase (which isn’t a normal disqualifier for pyrchase lol)

I’m looking forward to the next off the page game which has a dice tower in the box lid.


I’m currently waiting on


Dead Reckoning: Letters of Marque and Reprisal (or something like that) - expansion for a fun sandbox pirate / merchant exploration game with campaign expansions that my husband and I have enjoyed.

Tiny Epic Vikings - I have some Tiny Epic games but am not all in on the series. I like them ok. I think I’m always a little disappointed in them and swear each one will be my last and then one will be announced and theme doesn’t grab me or game play looks obviously weak and I skip it but then the next is announced and grabs me for some reason. I have problems, y’all.

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition expansion - basically what @yashima said. Already all in on original TM. Might as well go all in on this mashup of TM and Race for the Galaxy. In my case it’s really my husband who is all in on TM and I’m not sure he has ever played RftG, though I have.

Voidfall - giant box that is supposedly a 4X space game crossed with a euro. We’ve always played 4X space games on other people’s copies at our game group because we’ve never found the one worth owning. A slightly more euro-y one that has a co-op mode and supposedly plays well even competitively at 2 checks a lot of the boxes of what we were wanting so we decided to take the plunge. Plus it’s from Mindclash and they’ve got a couple previous games we love so some faith in the publishers.

One Deck Galaxy - beefed up version of One Deck Dungeon. Why not?

Edge of Darkness expansion - Edge of Darkness is a ridiculous game that I’m not sure I can recommend to anyone and is a nightmare to teach. Anyone’s first game is going to be crazy slow. But we like it and having more new stuff to play around with is fun.

Excavation Earth: It Belongs in a Museum - Excavation Earth is an ok game we’ve only played twice I think. I feel like there’s more to the game and I want to explore it more but we’ve been moving and haven’t had as much gaming time. Hopefully the expansion will add a little more depth and prompt us to get it to the table again.

Atlantis Rising: Monstrosities - yet another expansion. I’m a sucker for them. Atlantis Rising is a great co-op. One of the best for letting you adjust the difficulty you want based on the experience of the players or the amount of thinking you want to do, I think. Looking forward to new stuff to play with here.

Frosthaven - Yay! Can’t wait. We finished the Gloomhaven main campaign ages ago. Tried the Forgotten Circles expansion but my husband bounces hard off the different design of its scenarios and we haven’t finished it. I miss playing around in this world and with this game system.

Not Kickstarter

Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies - standalone sequel to Sleeping Gods. We’ve played through a complete campaign storyline of Sleeping Gods a couple times and still have plenty we can explore in this world and so many other games we don’t play enough, but the updates to game play here sounded cool!

Return to Dark Tower expansion - yep, I’m still a sucker for expansions. We’ve played Return to Dark Tower 5 or 6 times so far and I’m honestly not sure we’ve yet managed to get all the rules right. It isn’t that hard, we just keep screwing up. Oh well. We’re having fun!

Artisans of Splendent Vale - I love campaign games and legacy games and this just looked cute and fun. We’ll see. This might have been on Kickstarter but I didn’t find out about it until after so late backed and don’t know what crowdfunding source it originally used.

I’m honestly not sure if that’s all the non-Kickstarter ones. There are too many sites now and I can’t keep track of everything.

Most recent arrival was Flamecraft, cute little dragon worker placement, which is sitting in a pile of stuff on our new game table waiting to be put away.


I thought I read somewhere that it really is a co-design with his wife like Flourish? Yes, no credits. But I swear I tagged it as “female designer” for a reason. One of the new expansions “Mistwood” credits a Chrissy Peske. Ah well….

Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition lists Sydney Engelstein as one of the designers. The images on the boardgamegeek profile suggests, Sydney is a she. (It says “daughter of someone”). She is also credited on the expansions.


Some non-board gamey things for me (Douglas Adams biography/ coffee table book, SCP Foundation artbook (I gather it’s something the young people like)), but only Frosthaven since Nemesis arrived a while back. I nearly backed 7th Citadel but although there’s lots to love about 7th Continent, ultimately I found myself spending about 90% of the time doing busywork to eat and so on, about 10% curse solving, which is too much like my real job to be fully worthwhile.

I’ve reached that stage of game collecting where I feel I really should be playing the games I have instead of buying new ones. This is a less fun stage but a lot cheaper!


Yeah. That, and “yes, it’s new-shiny, but I already own old-shiny which does basically the same things”.


That does sound familiar, now that you mention it. I believe he has commented that his wife knows the game as well or better than he does, so such a thing would not surprise me.


Found this as I browsed r/boardgames. Is this game finally getting made—after years? Supposedly launching this week.


I’m interested, but will wait for retail.


I posted that link in the Anticipated Games, and you even replied to it :face_with_hand_over_mouth: