Tactical Board Game Previews: Undaunted: Stalingrad, GoA II, Starfinder, Trick Shot, and more!


Immediate visceral reactions, for which my scale is more or less (1) don’t care, (2) will play if someone waves it under my nose but will probably forget about it, (3) will seek it out for a demo, (4) will buy unplayed (very rare). I’m starting from the position of having lots of games I like and little space for new acquisitions, so I’m certainly being harsher than I was five or ten years ago.

(I’m often quite into this sort of thing.)

00:30 Undaunted: Stalingrad - I’ve played Normandy a few times and apparently I am the one person who isn’t wowed by this system. (Also it’s not “Legacy”, it’s a campaign, which is much more to my taste: you don’t have to destroy stuff.) 1
03:12 Guards of Atlantis II - not sure I see the appeal, it’s a big box of plastic, and the visual design of the cards is a bit shouty, but I’d still like to try it some time. 2
11:20 Bullet♥ - wasn’t this a Thing when it came out last year? Why is it a preview now? Might be fun but I think I’d have to treat it as abstract. Also the B-roll is very obviously from a different setup. 2
18:06 Trick Shot - I like the parody characters; sportsball doesn’t generally interest me but I do enjoy Baseball Highlights 2045 so there’s that. Like the small box, not intrigued by the gameplay. 2
24:44 Bestiary of Sigillum - fantasy meh. I like the cooldown disc but that’s a small grid to do tactical stuff on. 2
28:52 Starfinder: Pirates of Skydock - Starfinder’s a big turn-off for me, bringing the genericity of dungeon fantasy to SF, but this looks very pretty. Feels in keeping with a bunch of the post-founder-departure GF9 output. 2

Matt’s glowing purple underarms are starting to distract me.


Undaunted: Stalingrad: While I will happily admit to liking the basic game… I don’t have… what do you call those things that people have when they want to be not-alone… oh, ‘friends!’ That’s the word. I don’t have those.
Joking aside, I always struggle with the whole “Invite one person, exactly one person, over to your house to play games.” Sekigahara is sublime, Catacombs is great, even Space Hulk is wonderful, and they almost never see the table. A good 3-4 player game will be played 10x more than a fantastic 2 player game in my house. Such is life.

Guards of Atlantis 2 Saw the size of the box and minis and immediately skipped it.

Bullet <3 Meh. I don’t like SHMUPS as a general rule, and the idea of doing it in a board game doesn’t appeal.

Trick Shot This is the only one I really thought about… but it has the same problem as Undaunted. Two player games just don’t get played. But it looks neat. Maybe if the price is right I’ll snag it at some point.

Bestiary of Buttonmashedname Meh.

Starfinder: Pirates of Skydork Meh. The Pathfinder Adventures card game was okay, but I hated the artificial “You must race through all these locations in a super limited amount of time!” element of it. Art was gorgeous though. Anyway, I think this one will also be a pass for me.

So one lukewarm “maybe” and a bunch of “nope.” Unfortunate.

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Yes! Even when Local Games Group was regularly 8-10 people, it felt weird to split off just one of them to play a separate set of games; it’s smaller now, and that’s even weirder. Also I find I get socialled-out after playing with the same single other person for several hours. There are several primarily- or solely-two-player games I enjoy (Onitama, Ashes, BH2045, Star Realms, Air Land & Sea, Jaipur, Talon) but I rarely play them…


Good news! It doesn’t actually feel like a SHMUP! It’s really more of a Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo feel. Or maybe Dr. Mario

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Bullet :star: is the expandalone sequel that’s just come out/is about to come out. Would’ve been nice if the preview focused more on what’s new/different about it.


Not really my type of game it seems, as nothing really grabbed me. Bullet Symbol seemed to be somewhat interesting, but nothing really for me it would seem.

Ah well.


These do not seem to be my style of game even though I have enjoyed tactical computer games in the past. But this round did not speak to me at all. Ah well, cannot have it all.