Superhero Name Table


Possibly the best superhero name generator I have seen. Using this the Whartson Hall players would make the following titanic team:

Professor Tentacle
Rainbow Dancer
Liquid Dream-Girl
Wet Chaos


That sounds like a team from the dodgier end of anime…


I thought yours was especially splendid.


Moon Kid here. You won’t like me when I’m gibbous.


Professor Tentacle is definitely a name from the dark corners of internet.


Moon Fantasy. Definitely sounds like something from the dodgier end of anime.


I’d be Vlad Carbon :slight_smile:


Are you sure you’re not a super villain ?


Shhhhh. Don’t let everybody know.


Letting everyone know is surely an important part of being a supervillain? Otherwise what’s the point?


Moon Voodoo reporting for duty


I got completely screwed over by this chart.


strokes my tentacles and grins The world has not yet heard the last of … PROFESSOR TENTACLE!


We haven’t really heard the first of him, to be fair.