SU&SD now sponsored by Zatu

Nothing posted by SU&SD yet, but they retweeted Zatu’s annnouncement:


I need a bucket of popcorn stat!

Seriously though, good for them! :smile:


What is a Zatu? Is it ? (which seems to be named “Zatu Games” despite the domain name).


That’s the one.

As long as it doesn’t negatively effect content then, meh!


They already did that promo thing for boardgamearena (owned by Asmodée) a while back… worth keeping an eye on, though, just like BGG now having an official sleeve partner, so presumably no other sleeve sellers can advertise with them.

d.t.l. is not sponsored by anyone except you lot.


They must have made an offer they couldn’t refuse!

In the BGA thing they said they’d only be sponsored by a thing they like and use which is weird since they obviously get all the games they want for free.

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Having spoken to Matt a couple of years ago about something unimportant that I can’t even remember anymore I think this is the inevitable next step away from two blokes and a video camera.

The site and output is becoming more organised and technically proficient and they need to keep buying Tom funny hats.


I already expressed most of my sponsorship thoughts in Our 5 Favourite New Card Games in 2021!

Given that board game retailers have relationships with board game publishers, this automatically introduces a conflict of interest, but I hope they can navigate the issues and retain most of the appearance of impartiality at least.

And I’m still happy for them to be making money.

It’ll be interesting to see their official comment on the sponsorship, whenever that happens.


My assumption is any presence in videos will be an end-slate sort of thing rather than the obnoxious “before we get on with the video, a word from our sponsors” type thing.