Star Trek Ascendancy (recruitment)

Here I am!!!


Just confirming that I’ll sit this one out, having played in the last four.


This will be my last one for a while.

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We can take up to seven players… but no worries.

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I have to applaude our host for the work, and for the experience that this implementation delivers!!!
Long life to the Q Continuum (everlasting life, in fact)!


Second the applause, thank you @RogerBW !


I’m very much helped by the visual design of the game components - I’ve run and played quite a lot of PBFs and other turn-based games, and with the more complex ones it’s very important to be able to parse what’s going on when you come back to it after a break.


Although the ferengi colouring is awful


Yes! Cardassians aren’t great but the Ferengi just fade into the background.


wait: aren’t “your trade agreements” the TAs you hold , and not those from your faction ??? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Good question. All the card says is “your trade agreements”.

I think it seems more likely that the ones I hold are exhausted? More a punishment for me than everyone else? But I suppose there are similar encounters. What does everyone else think? Maybe I’ll ask on BGG but I suspect someone already has.

What’s the card called? Is there a picture?

‘Cardassian delegation’ is the card. I’m having a Google but no luck so far.

There’s a xenophobic card that cancels all trade agreements. What’s the wording on that one?

Well, Googling led me back to this forum :joy:. I’m happy to go with it being the trade agreements I hold, rather than the Klingon Agreements I’ve given out.

Here’s the card image. Does blue usually mean good? Although it -would- be good if I was Cardassian.

Didn’t find anything on bgg.

Ok. So the first half of the card says your trade agreements generate resources.

Do we think that’s for the holder? Logically it would be the agreements they hold they would then be exhausted?

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Being logical and following the theme, it seems unlikely to me that aggressive negotiations give resources to the other players honestly. I think throughout the card ‘your trade agreements’ must mean ‘Trade agreements you hold’.

Another alternative… it means both, that is both the ones you hold and the ones you have given out.