Star Trek Ascendancy game 6

Are you suggesting a variant that we see both objectives?

Never mind… I see what you are saying…
Their “possible” objectives are known.

Well… with what is being said…
If everyone is for Vulcans in the game… then can I take a possible mulligan and choose Vulcans? :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’ll remind everyone we are playing “Humble Beginnings”.

Happy to mulligan. I think it only affects two of us anyway.

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You probably want Romulans? :wink:

So that’s Delwayne Vulcans, Lordof1 Klingons, so far, with Andorians, Cardassians, Federation, Ferengi, Romulans still up for grabs by RossM.

The boring, boring United federation of planets please.

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@Canadian_Errant to pick, then Carletto80.

I’ll try the Ferengi again

@Carletto80, your remaining options are: Andorians, Cardassians, Romulans.

Romulans for me, thanks

OK, with Delwayne/Vulcan at the top of the map, @Carletto80 where do you want to be?

Then other players in reverse order - Canadian_Errant, RossM, Lordof1.

wait… aren’t we supposed to play blindly? :thinking:

I think we aren’t playing blindly every time, it was a bit of an experiment but not the way it’s normally played. It was fun enough but a little unsatisfying as for most of us the game finished without warning.

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ok… let’s take the right upper spot, then

we need to re-work the Blind Variant… Normal game this time.

Who’s next ?

@Canadian_Errant to choose a location.

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I’ll take the opposite side of the Vulcans from the Romulans

OK, @RossM please pick your spot (next to Romulans or Ferengi), then Lordof1 gets the last one.

Next to Ferengi please.

Hello Klingons

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