Star Trek Ascendancy game 5

This is a blind game, so there won’t be much here for a bit. I’ll link in special rules and such like.


Everyone should have had their initial dashboards. I’m not sending out maps: everyone has the same, a standard homeworld with three ships on it.

I think you might as well all do your turns simultaneously for round 1.

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Not humble beginnings? ie. how many resources to begin with?

Yes, humble beginnings, no starting resources.

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Hehe… I think players will NOT be so eager to explore real quick like! Everyone needs to try and establish their own Empire first… Along with savoring their resources to build nodes!

A truly epic “Humble Beginnings”

Everyone will feel the agony of trying to get that first Ascendency.
(reminder. no starbase for awhile)

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Do we start with three planet nodes?

Yes: standard homeworld, control node, one each P-R-C nodes, three ships.

I’m hoping @Assussanni changed their logo so I know who they are.

For clarification. If we get first contact and do a trade agreement. Does that player get to see all of everything I discovered immediately? (I’d recommend either no, or a 1 turn delay)

if we make contact but have no trade agreement; how much of my known galaxy does that player see?

Just looking at my first map… I think this is going to be an AWESOME game! :slightly_smiling_face: Nothing like exploring the UNKNOWN! :sweat_smile:

And as a reminder. Yes, you must stop movement (warp or impulse) when entering a new system.
ie. no, you cannot do a warp 5 to bypass 4 unknown (undiscovered) systems to get to the 5th.

If you hold X’s trade agreement, you can see their whole layout as you would in a standard game. (Bear this in mind when giving them out!)

If you don’t, you can see the worlds you’ve been to, as they were when you last went there.

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How about the house rule that no Fleets can pass a ship without permission? or vice versa. This was in response to the unrestricted trade routes and how massive ships or fleets heading to another players homeworld can get questioned? or will we play totally unrestricted?..

I don’t want to change in mid-game, so same as previous games - a single ship is enough to block your transit if you don’t have their trade agreement, but if you do…

In olden times a foreign fleet
Was looked on as something neat
Now heaven knows,
Anything goes.

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The coding for this must have been… well complicated, but also just quite tricky.

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I’m using the brute-force approach: a separate map for each player, plus the master. :slight_smile:

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There’s no kind of force like brute force.

Is it still possible to sign in for the game??? :pleading_face:

It’s underway, one of the problems with playing blind is that there’s not much to see on the main thread, at least not yet. Might well be room in the next game though!

I see. I’ll wait for next game.