Star Trek Ascendancy game 2

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
Your warp lane length: d3+1: 2 (that’s “roll d3+1” in square brackets)
Destination system: Indri VIII (RC-3)
Exploration card: Federation Confrontation. Since you are the federation, a ship from the player to your right (Romulans, @Delwayne) is in this system.

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(It’s clearly just a lonely alien child creating a fake war bird.)

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‘Open a channel. “Unidentified vessel, this is the USS Tempest of the United Federation of Planets. Please state your intentions in orbiting Indri VIII.”’

So @Delwayne , might you be interested in some sort of trade agreement? Or are things going to go in a more… aggressive direction?

Edit: in order to expedite things, I’d be happy with any even trade (1 for 1 up to 3 for 3). Normally I guess this might be less appealing to the suspicious Romulans (We’re suspicious? You’re the other side of Earth from Romulus!) but we’re very early in the game, reducing the disparity, and I just found you a free ship. That’s one production right there! Also the Andorians and Cardassians are whispering. I’m not saying they’re already working out how to carve up the galaxy between them, but…


Opens a channel to @Marx

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“Welcome to Cardassia Prime Telecom! All our coherent destructors are currently off-line
but if you’d care to hold your present course and speed one will be free to annihilate you shortly.”

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“Greetings Federation Vessel… Our ship unexpectedly entered a wormhole during an Ion Storm that brought us to this location. We do not intend to colonize in this area and intend to warp out. But we would agree to a 3/3 Trade Agreement on Behalf of the Romulan Empire.”
[OOC] is it confirmed, we are doing Humble Beginnings? Also what level of Borg?

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Humble Beginnings, No Borg

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“We would be delighted to enter into this mutually beneficial agreement with the Romulan Empire and wish you safe travels on your continuing voyages.”

Federation agrees to a 3/3 trade agreement with the Romulans.

Command 3: ship at Earth enters warp.
Command 4: same ship exits warp, heading south (rotating east as necessary).

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
Lane length d3+1: 3
Destination system: Deneb V (RRC-4)
Exploration: Guardian of Forever

“Draw the top card of your Advancement deck. It is completed immediately: place it in your Advancement area.”

You receive: Transwarp Drive (2 Warp bonuses).

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1 Command remains. (Note correction to first ship position, you don’t enter an occupied system.)

(A federation ending its turn one with a 3 production trade agreement and trans warp drive is a great opening move!)

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Command 5: launch new advancement project: Long Range Sensor Arrays.

Unless I’m missing something, I believe that is the end of my turn.

(Looks like you need to delete one of the ships from Earth - there should be only one there now.)



RossM is next, and has sent me orders.

  • C1/C2: ship in and out of warp, broadly NE.

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
Warp lane length: d3+1: 4
System: Valakis VI (PC-4)

Gomtuu: Roll a die and add your Ascendancy: if the
result is 4 or higher, build 1 Ship in this System, for free.
d6: 6 vs 4

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@RogerBW asked for a die roll:

  • C3-C4 - same again.

Warp lane length: d3+1: 3
System: Kurl (C-3)
Exploration: Ferengi Confrontation.

If you have a Ferengi Rival, place a new Ferengi Ship in this System. If not, place a new Ship from the player to your right in this System.

(Waves) Hello!

Antenna twitches in surprise

Now, aren’t we far from home?

Well, philosophically speaking, distance is an illusion.

Well we could add a bit more substance to this illusion.

Would you consider a trade deal? I gather that your diplomats are extremely gifted.

Perhaps our one research token a turn for your own one research trade deal.

We love using research for its peaceful implications.

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1 Research for 1 Research, sounds ideal.

We have no ambitions regarding this planet and are happy to leave it to you.