Star Trek Adventures "One Shot" Mission Thread

That’s a total of Three Stress worth of damage to Rad… a bit more than some singed fingers, but no serious burns or lasting ramifications aside from a distrust of whoever wired up this base using red wires as ground and black wires as positive.

The ion storm has picked up and your tricorder is only confirming what you already know: human, with elements of “devolution” affecting (effecting?) both of them.

“I made some preliminary notes before all this happened,” Dr. Schipp says, gesturing with one hand towards the mess of the lab, “and I theorize that it is a combination of radiogenic properties of the planet interacting with the ion storm. These properties are usually benign, but by bad luck the charged ions seem to be a trigger. As to why I’m more resistant… it must have something to do with a combination of DNA and exposure to telecombinatronic wavelengths… I haven’t had much time to flesh out the theory.” She sighs and gestures towards one of the smashed consoles. “If you can get the computer up and running you can find my notes. I find it harder to concentrate these days, so maybe I had more there?”

Tray can tell that Jasper is going to require surgery (non-invasive, not super life-threatening), and even with the damage to the space, Dr. Simpson should have no trouble prepping and operating on the patient with the tools available within the medbay.

(Speaking of which: we are all now at Two Units of Time Spent, so anyone who wants to do anything may do so without issue. The alarms have stopped blaring, so no additional Critical Failure range to worry about!)

(How long before the doc gets to us?)

Dr. Simpson is there now.

Keli’i broadcasts: “Can someone else come and give me a hand? There’s a lot of stuff to sort through here.”

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Tray points.

“Doc, meet the doc.”

“We’ve got a patient that needs stabilising. Internal injuries.”

“Are you ok to handle this? I want to see if I can download all the database of research on what’s causing this and it looks pretty fried. If we have to be rescued in a few days and we’ve all gone primal, I want to know people have all the info to cure us.”

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“I am able to handle this. Let’s get the poor thing in the Medbay.”


(You are, technically, already in the medbay. It’s slightly less destroyed than the rest of the outpost: minimal enough work to clean it up for surgery that it won’t require a roll)

EDIT: The surgery itself still needs a roll, though. I think I said earlier it’s a Difficulty 2 Task for the surgery. The book recommends Insight + Medicine, but I’m willing to entertain alternative suggestions.

I’ll lower the difficulty by 1 if you can describe the operation using at least 3 technobabble words in the process.

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Trey assists the Doc in the movement of the patient, before rushing back to the console.

“Right, let’s get this back online.”


(How would you like to get the console online? I’m thinking it’s a Difficulty 1 Task to get easily accessible, recent information, Difficulty 2 if you want pretty extensive records, and Difficulty 3 if you want to get everything pertaining to the devolution since it started about eight days ago)

(If you have specific questions you want answered, drop the difficulty by one, rather than “all the information for any question I might have” which is the default)

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I’m looking to restore the console to working status, and then look to discover information afterwards if that’s ok?

(In my head it’s a different type of challenge. Repairing is probably reason + engineering, whereas drawing up information is more insight + science?)


(Makes perfect sense to me! Let’s say repairing the console will take 1 unit of time, and I’ll allow you to succeed at a cost if you fail the roll, if you’d like. I’ll leave that up to you. It’s a Difficulty 2 Task for the repairs to the console)

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@RossM asked for a die roll:

11+4 For reason + Eng

And I’ll use one momentum.

3d20: 6 + 3 + 2 = 11

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The computer hums and whirs for a moment, and then sputters to life. The monitor shows a blue screen covered in archaic white text, but before you have a chance to read it the familiar LCARS screen pops up in its place.

“This is Scientific Outpost Central Library Access Server 003. Please state the nature of your inquiry.”

(You also get back the Momentum you spent, keeping the total at Two Momentum)


“The sooner we get those parts, the sooner we can get the hell out of here.” Zin is going to use insight (11) + command (4) to help divide up the work of searching for parts with Keli’i. I’m guessing we’re still in need of two successes?


Three, I think.

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(If you are looking to Assist, you only need to roll 1 die, and your success (if any) is added to whoever is actually attempting the task. It’s much “safer”, since you can’t fail the roll on your own. Somebody at some point must use your roll for their total dice pool, though)

(If you are attempting to locate the pieces yourself, without assistance, or if you want to make your own roll now and let somebody else add their Assistance roll later, then yes, 3 successes on a Test to find 1/3rd of the parts for the ship)

(SPEAKING of which, I don’t think I acknowledged that Zin, with Simpson’s assistance, did actually manage to locate about 1/3rd of all the parts needed for the shuttle. So you have made progress! Quite good progress at that, for the record)


I will stick with insight 12 and medicine 5 with focus in one of toxicology, emergency medicine, xenobiology or infectious diseases.

“That’s right, just prop them up there. If you can pass me the positronic stimulator. I’ll use that to deflange the lumbar inhibitors. That’ll give me an easier job when I rectify the spinal dislocation.”

“I am glad I packed the Glenfarclas.”

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@DJCT asked for a die roll:
2d20: 11 + 6 = 17

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It takes moments (about One unit of Time) for you to stabilize Jasper. You do think it best to keep him sedated for the time being, but you can tell that Dr. Schipp is visibly more relaxed, and the edges of a smile creep onto her face occasionally.

Hope, it would seem, has not abandoned the outpost entirely.

“Now that Jasper is alive and stable, I would like your team to gather samples of the local flora and fauna to help cure Irumodic Syndrome. This could result in a cure for millions of Federation citizens! But we need the samples before the ion storm mutates them… time is of the essence.” Her smile wavers for a moment. “I would head out myself, but I’m really not sure how much longer I have until the devolution wreaks my ability to understand reality in a useful way. Still, if there’s something I can do to help around the outpost, I’m happy to do so until I need to be sedated myself.”

She pauses for a moment. “It might also be worthwhile to consider trying to cure this devolution process. It may be impossible to do so after the storm is passed, it might not be… I wouldn’t want you to put more of your people at risk, but if there’s some way we can rescue my team…”

She turns her attention back to the sleeping Dr. Jasper.

(Simpson and Cee have both spent Three Units of Time, and everyone else has spent Two Units. Just a gentle reminder that something will happen and/or change once 15 units have passed. You have found 1/3rd of the required shuttle components, which is still a Difficulty 3 Task. The main computer is semi-operational… it is functional, but the core has taken some damage so it’s uncertain exactly how useful it will be)

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@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
Keli’i works on the parts search again.

Zin’s assistance Insight 11 + Command 4
d20: 12 vs 15

Keli’i calms himself and prepares to forget what The Book says. Think about it a bit sideways, and that drinks maker can be repurposed as a power routeing node.

Spend 1 Momentum
3d20: 19 + 16 + 17 = 52 vs Control 12 + Engineering 5 = 17