South London and Epsom?

Hi folks, I’m likely moving to Epsom at the end of the year - anybody round that neck of the woods or any groups meeting up there?


What is this “meeting up” of which you speak? :laughing:

Sorry, I can’t help (unless you change your mind and move to West Yorkshire), but welcome to the forum! I’m sure someone more useful will be along presently :slight_smile:


Welcome. Not me either (Cardiff), but there are a couple of Londoners on here. I’m sure they will be here soon.

What type of gaming are you looking for? There are always online games or PBP (play by posts) in this community.

Hey @ijontyjjs, welcome!

What kind of things are you into?

SW London is home to the the megagame makers (Anerley, near Crystal Palace) and Chestnut Lodge Wargaming.

Beyond this I have to defer to actually Londoners such as @Gungeon


I’m moving to North London in (hopefully) the next couple of weeks, so not quite the same, but I am going to be looking for things to do towards central once that becomes a thing people are doing again. :blush:

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Sarf London!?

Epsom is just a bit too far from Surbiton. I know a (currently suspended) board game club there. Beyond Surbiton is terra incognita to me.

I know Croydon has Ludoquist.

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Epsom does have a games club and it’s a nice one.

I used to go to the Saturday once a month sessions before study took up my Saturdays. Plenty of very nice people and lots of types of games ate accommodated.

As has been said Epsom’s not far from Surbiton but also Kingston. The Kingston Games Group meets in the Willoughby Arms on Tuesday’s and Sunday’s when there isn’t a pandemic destroying fun.


Thanks all! I know it may seem odd to be asking for meet-ups at the moment, but seeing as I won’t be there for some months yet, I figured it was worth planning ahead! A friend of mine near where I currently live around Wimbledon was my go-to-guy for gaming (he had seemingly hundreds, me only a 20 or so) but he’s moved away now so I’m on the look-out for new people.


Sorry me ‘ol China plate, I live near Gatwick, which although they like to promote it as ‘London Gatwick’, to sound important, it’s actually in West Sussex.

Unfortunately I don’t really know Epsom other than driving past round the M25 or taking the train (in the before times).

Cool, it look like there is an Epsom games club that is still meeting up (with Covid precautions of course) not sure how it will work with rule of 6 but take a look:

I hope that helps and let us know how you get on.
If you need anything else let me know and I’ll do my best to answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the forums by the way!

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Thanks for the welcome, folks! I’ll definitely look into PBP, PBF, or do people PlaybyZoom these days? I’m open to playing lots of things. I enjoy Consulting Detective and would love to try things Detective, Chronicles of Crime and that sort of thing, though not sure that’s possible remotely. Maybe it is if you all have copies of the game