Server troubles?

Quite often recently, and pretty much every time I’ve hit the site afresh today, the server has been super slow to respond.

Are others are seeing it too, or just me?

If the servers are struggling, I’m wondering whether there’s a known forum performance bug(s) which might be fixed in a new version; or if the forum has really outgrown its server size and could use an upgrade; or maybe it’s more network-related? Or something else?

I also have the slight impression that the forum software expects users to only open one tab and just click around in that, whereas I generally open a new tab for each thread I want to read. I haven’t done any profiling, but it feels like a full page load entails an enormous amount of effort, and I’m often wondering whether it’s front-loading a crazy amount of stuff for maybe-dubious benefits.

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I am not seeing any particular slow responses.
But then I am a one-tab person.

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Not seeing any problems here, but if others are, do let me know. Load has been consistently 0.10 or below and most things that slow down the server side would raise that.

No problems for me that I’ve noticed.

All good on my end as well!

I’m in NZ too, and I see no delays or lag.

Sweet; it sounds like it’s something at my end.

Thanks everyone!

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