Selling/ Buying/ Trading Games

Not me–but I am reasonably sure if he has original cards from then he could sell them somewhere for some profit. A friend sold his collection of rares and uncommons a few years back and made a ton of money (he got into it when moxes were still a thing though)

I think I’ve thrown away a lot of ice age recently

I think this was posted previously, but since we’re talking selling 90s Magic cards:

I saw the opening screenshot and immediately made this “EeeeeEEEE” sound of “you do not realise the amount of money the expert is about to quote you”.


I remember how excited Tony Robinson was on the day that Time Team dug up a late-80s antique Jenga set.


I am really pleased they are still making time team, even if it’s only for YouTube.


I’m going to have another cull. I’m hoping most of this could go at AireCon, or even TekeliCon so I don’t have to think about shipping; just hand things over in person. If you want to come to Cardiff that works as well. I definitely don’t want to post anything before Christmas. I haven’t thought about prices yet, but if you’re going to either of the cons or are desperate for any of this stuff please DM me and make me an offer. I’m afraid I can’t post Root and it all goes as one bundle.

Age of Steam - sold
Anachrony - with insert
Ca$h 'n Guns: Second Edition
Forgotten Waters
Fuji Flush
Galaxy Trucker
Little Town
Long Shot: The Dice Game
Loony Quest
Mercado de Lisboa
Monolith Arena
Patchwork Christmas edition
The Resistance and The Resistance: The Plot Thickens
Rising Sun - German Edition
Root: The Exiles and Partisans Deck
Root: The Riverfolk Expansion
Root: The Underworld Expansion
Root: The Vagabond Pack
Scotland Yard
Space Alert
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
Sushi Go!
Timeline: British History
Timeline: Discoveries
The Voyages of Marco Polo



Selling off Power Grid bundle for £70. UK postage is £7. Ask if from the EU. The base game and all the maps are the Recharged editions unless stated otherwise.

The game comes in 3 boxes and it contains:

  • Benelux/Central Europe
  • France/Italy
  • China/Korea
  • Brazil/Spain & Portugal (not Recharged)
  • Russia/Japan
  • Austrialia/Indian Subcontinent
  • Quebec/Baden-Wurttemberg (not Recharged)
  • Middle East/South Africa
  • Stock Companies
  • New Power Plants Set 1
  • BGG Promo Card Set
  • Supply Contract
  • Industrial Espionage
  • Taxes
  • High Voltage DC Transmission Passage C

That’s a decent deal.

Updated list with actual prices. These don’t include postage - I’m going to both Tekeli Con and Aire Con and would like to transact in person (or come and collect from Cardiff).

I’d rather sell to you lot for a discount than randoms. If you’re desperate for a game and want it posted please ask

Startups £13
Mottainai £7 - sold
Alchemists £22
Anachrony with an insert £30
Monolith Arena £19
Root bundle - base game, Riverfolk and Underworld Expansion, P&E deck, vagabond pack £80
Cash n Guns 2 £12
Forgotten Waters £33
Fuji Flush £6
Little Town £10
Longshot the Dice Game £22
Loony Quest £10
Mercado de Lisboa £27
Patchwork Christmas Edition £12
Polynesia £21
The Resistance and Plot Thickens £11
Space Alert £22
Voyages of Marco Polo £37
Sushi Go £10

Not including postage


Which version of Mottanai do you have?

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I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s the 2 player only one

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In that case I’d like it! Can I get @lalunaverde to get it from you at tekeli con for me? Or failing that @RogerBW. I can paypal money over


That works for me. Don’t worry about the money until closer to the time just in case anything happens.

Pleasure doing business with you!


What size is the box?

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Standard deck of cards for reference


For UK people: there’s a new trade it forwards geeklist on BGG. The process is thus:

How it works (Quick Version).

  1. If a game you want is listed, you can make a claim by adding a valid game to the list (minimum value of £20). The last item on the list is always the item currently available to claim.

  2. Once someone claims your offering, you’ll receive the game you claimed.

  3. Once someone claims the next game on the list, you’ll ship your game.

  4. If in the rare instance no one claims your offering after 72 hours, another person is free to make a claim instead.

I’ll admit that I was a bit confused by the explanation but it’s fairly obvious if you have a look at the trades so far


January UK maths trade:

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The addition of Electronic Dream Phone to the maths trade might be my favourite thing of the day. :sparkles: 90’s nostalgia :sparkles:


Anyone on here interested in AEG’s ‘Tempest’ games (their ambitious project to set a series of games in the same world)?
I have all five for sale. Ideally I’d like to hand them over at Airecon as I’d really rather not have to faff about with posting them. Or if anyone was in the north east of England…!

(Part of my attempt to be ruthless and make the game collection manageable)


The sale pile is growing,

if anyone UK or Europe is interested in these message me and I’ll let you know price before I Gee myself up to sell it on Facebook groups next week.

Original flavour Kemet with All the expansions and a folded space insert

So clover

Mechs vs minions

Leaving earth with all expansions in a lush big wooden organiser box (it’s good but ended up only playing it solo and if I’m playing solo I would go for something else most times).