Search results are inconsistent

I was trying to find this post recently, where I’d talked about The Crew:

I went to Profile - Phil - forums, including unofficial SU&SD discussion and used the “Search posts by @Phil” option in the search widget to filter, but it did not locate that post when I searched for “crew”.

I then tried Search results for 'crew' - forums, including unofficial SU&SD discussion and also didn’t locate the post.

At this point I was thinking it must have been something I posted at the old SUSD forums, but I tried searching directly in the Recent Boardgames (Your Last Played Game Volume 2) thread using the “Search this topic” option, thinking that was the most likely thread, and… it found it!

Something seems very awry here.

I wonder whether it’s finding just the first matching post per thread, because when I replicate your profile search one of the results is a reference to an earlier post by you, mentioning The Crew, in that same thread.

Can’t account for it not showing up in your second search.

Definitely looks like a bug in search.