Ross. Roads and Boats 2. Help Wanted

Ok, after the excellent help last time, I’m looking for help with another one of the BGG monthly challenges.

The board has some…. Issues.


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I’d say you pretty much have to start in the middle (on the bit that has access to the mountain). The good news is that you can likely focus on boats rather than roads

So you need to dedicate two spaces to clay and a stone factory, and until that is up and running, no bridges.

But to get that going, you need a woodcutter and sawmill.

That’s 4 tiles, all not separated by a river, so you pretty much have to build on the mountain.

I guess I would start on the central wood, build a sawmill there. Build the woodcutter to SE, the clay pit and stone factory also adjacent to the sawmill, breed on the top left pasture.

Alternately, you could forgo breeding until the deserts convert to save the mountain for a future mine

The problem there is not the delay in breeding (though that is also a big problem), but increasing the distance between clay pit and factory.

You are going to need to maximise stone, boards, and geese production to irrigate the deserts as soon as possible. To that end, the post-bridge woods also probably has to be a woodcutter, unless leaving raft production until after irrigation proves to be impractical (maybe the breeding spot becomes the raft factory, but that cuts off geese production).

Ok. So as I see it there’s two possible starting areas.

My Mad suggestion


The quickest way to get to irrigation I think it putting 5 planks a turn into the wonder.

That should leave about ten turns to put together a specialist mine.

I does mean that we don’t get any stone for the first half of the game, but we get an extra donkey very quickly.

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Ok. First mad attempt end of turn 12 and irrigation is here.

Yes, I have coloured in the deserts with a crayon.



Got to 3 gold. 8 monument lines.

110 points.

I need stone a lot earlier.

Attempt 2 on the way.

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Yeah, interesting idea, but it was doomed to fail.


Attempt 2.

Got both mines up but no research.

This time a score of…. 120.

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You’ll have to accept that I’m right in the end =P