Reviewing ALL FOUR of Stefan Feld's City Series!


So what they’re saying is that people really love Bruges and I should look for it 2nd-hand?


Not much mention of how the new editions upgraded the old, but I did enjoy the energy of this one.


This was a really fun video, and felt like some of the zaniness of the older episodes. I like seeing the reviews done with two people. I think having someone else to bounce jokes off of really helps.


My interest is in the bruge one (for obvious reasons) and the new one Marrakesh (which seemingly is a new one but seems to adopt a lot of stuff from Amerigo)

But alas: expenso!

I sometimes wonder if we’re now in a period where people similarly used to moan about how £40 game suddenly became £60 games and this is just the same but the breach of the hundreds unit makes the increase feel worse. Certainly it feels a long time ago when that Riot game, which would have been fine for £100 at the time!


I’d really like Marrakesh, but didn’t back it, and now it costs something like $250 AUD, and that’s not even the deluxe edition.

And it seems (after actually watching the bit on Marrakesh) that SUSD aren’t crazy about it either. Maybe I’ll save my money (and spend it on the new Cthulhu Death May Die KS)


I think a lot of people were saying that the rate of new boardgame publication just wasn’t sustainable, even before 2020. And perhaps the rate of new people coming into the hobby has tailed off a bit? So perhaps this isn’t just inflation on production costs, but a higher price to compensate for lower sales…


Ah man that review could have done with a classic “here’s some alternatives for cheaper” bit.


Well, second-hand Bruges and Mombasa on eBay are being offered for more than £100 each, so not a good start. :frowning:


Mombasa at least is gettable in a new version called skymines.

I guess you mean Macao!


I was looking for those specific titles - looks as if actual Mombasa costs way more than one might expect. Macao is about £150.


I picked up a copy of Bruges back when Hamburg had already been on Kickstarter but before it arrived; thus capitalizing on the price slump caused by “a new version is in the works” and people not yet jaded enough to assume that it’ll be rubbish.

And, of course, I would tell anyone that Queen games always end up massively discounted in bargain bins. So what is MSRP/RRP $100 will soon enough be available for a very reasonable $25-$30, I’m sure.


I think this might be different - who knows. But for a game that is notionally about to be out there’s a distinct lack of pre order availability from normal shops.