Resolving math trade issues

I’m hoping someone can help me work out how to resolve a problem which is entirely of my own making.
Actually it’s currently two problems, which I hope is the extent of my ineptitude.

I put several games into the most recent UK maths trade and today I’ve had two separate emails letting me know that there are problems with a couple of them.

Pitchcar mini is apparently missing a piece of track and the rules - I’m not sure how, but obviously I’m going to hunt around the house to see if they’re wedged down the back of the shelves or something.

The second one is that I listed the wrong edition of So, you’ve been eaten. I had a version with some upgraded components, but mistakenly listed one that had some more upgraded components and a mini expansion.

I’m going to assume that I won’t manage to find the missing piece from Pitchcar (or I will… in three years). I can offer to pay the cost of a replacement piece from the manufacturer - is that reasonable?

The bigger problem I think is the incorrect listing of the other game. I don’t think I can get hold of the extra components, so what’s a reasonable offer to make amends? I have some other small games listed for trade that I’d be happy to let them choose from, but of course they may not be interested in any of them.

Any thoughts? I feel really bad about messing this up :worried:


Ouch, tricky. All I can think of is to use a best estimate of the price to make good, and offer on that sort of scale.


I had something similar, I think I sent them some character mega meeples and a card game I wanted shot of as a sorry, it went down well. However, it really depends on the person. I had another one with less issue recently I won’t go in to details and the person was sniffy about my offer to rectify. My guess is discuss the issue with the person directly to feel out how they’d like it resolved.


This is why I sell nothing. It’s such a pain in the bum.


I would start with the hope that people will be reasonable and try to let you make amends. Admit the mistake on the listing and offer what you think are a couple reasonable solutions (cash so they can acquire the mini expansion, a small extra game shipped at your expense, etc.). If you start with a couple offers, it lets them see you are trying but also gives them a feeling of power since they are making choices.

On the missing pieces, hopefully you can find them and ship them along quickly. Apologize and ask for a small amount time in which to do that. If unable to find, same as above. Offer a couple solutions you find reasonable then wait to see what they pick or counter offer.

If they get unreasonable from that point and you have to go back to the math trade higher ups to meditate, you will be in the weaker starting position since it is your screw up, but by having admitted to it and tried to fix it, you will have shown yourself to be reasonable and not just trying to scam people thus improving your position greatly.


I only have experience with the US math trade community/culture.

Having been the recipient of a game with missing pieces, I found the sender completely unsympathetic and unwilling to offer any amends or reparations. My only recourse was to leave negative feedback on the trade (and likely earn a negative feedback in return), and seek support direct from the publisher to try to replace the missing components

I feel that, essentially, any amount of good-faith effort of paying for replacements or offering a cash consolation beats out the status quo, from what I’ve seen.


I think this all sorted now thanks to some significant help from @mistercrayon who is definitely living up to his forum title :slight_smile: