Resolve this in your favourite RPG

Fumble and a tie. Who knew pendragon was the correct system for reservoir dogs.


Pathfinder: Two characters are shot badly enough to fall beneath 0hp. One of them is an orc, half-orc, or has the Diehard feat, enabling him to remain conscious and to take actions while dying, but suffer additional damage for doing so. He shoots the third character and promptly dies.

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hands over chit okay, I’m narrating… sorry. But I will say emulating scenes like this seem to be the specific function of games like Fiasco or Effing Hillfolk. In my favourite Call of Cthulhu the actual resolution of the scene as it occurs in the film would be the result of a comedic string of fumbles.

This has helped me focus on why I prefer simulationist to narrative games. In the narrative game, the final satisfying narrative wrap-up of the film where everyone is killed is the point. The mechanics stretch reality to ensure it happens. In a simulationist game, like my beloved CoC, anything can happen - this means if by chance you end up with the same outcome as the film it’s so much more satisfying.

Also, I’m very pleased with myself for getting like my beloved CoC into this thread.


The correct answer has been revealed.

Well, I committed to Hero system so I’ll stick to it.

Mr White here likely used Rapid Fire and has additional ranged OCV modifiers to offset the penalty. I think the GM read that Mr White has them both in his front 180.

“There is no penalty for using Rapid Fire to attack multiple targets or for tracking the attack across hexes. However, all targets must be within the character’s front 180-degree line of sight.”

If they are all on the same phase, and they all made Dex rolls by the same amount then they act simultaneously.

If Mr White got high enough body damage with low enough stun multipliers from the attacks he took then he could be conscious while dying. Mr. White likely aced his stun multiplier or has an effect that increases his stun multiplier which the others don’t so they are GMO’d while dying. All end the phase at zero body and are losing 1 body a turn (12 seconds) until death at -10 body. Mr. White may have taken extra body with a limitation (only to delay dying) which could keep him up until Mr. Orange’s revelation. Mr. Orange May have been too wounded to perform a paramedics roll, or conditions may have added too many modifiers, or his player may have just not considered it appropriate. Or the player forgot to pay points for that skill and used his cramming skill for something related to his work.

Alternatively, Mr. Pink did some shooting in the phase after everyone else because his psychlim was “backstabbing weasel.”


Search “who shot Nice Guy Eddie” if you want to learn more about the rather big problem with this scene.


Jeff Stormer’s Mission: Accomplished! …this game is run as a debriefing meeting back at HQ well after the event, so the PCs would technically now be ghosts:

Nice Guy Eddie’s ghost receives a Commendation die for Team Spirit (Mission Control acknowledges his attempt to talk everyone down) and a Citation die for lack of Commitment To Excellence (he didn’t talk anyone down).

Mr White’s ghost is issued a Citation for lack of Respect for Authority (shooting your boss strictly contravenes our HR policy).

Joe’s ghost gets a Citation for lack of Efficiency (Mission Control feels hiring and then, ultimately, shooting an undercover cop to be an unnecessary tangent and outside our budgetary constraints)

Mr Orange’s ghost is awarded a Commendation for Fiscal Responsibility (avoiding unapproved ammunition costs by not shooting anyone in this scene).

Thanks @BigJackBrass, this was a great scene to translate into RPG!