Regicide PBF recruitment

OK, so I feel I should give this a try at least.

BGG has a link to the rules.

I reckon we could PBF it in the “first game open hands” mode. Up to four players. Who’s in?

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I’ve played a few times irl but not claiming any level of ability

Yeah I’m in

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I’d give it a try but if someone else wants in I’m happy to sit out I’ve hogged a few pbf slots recently.

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I’d be interested in playing.

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Well, I like doing PBF admin, so in random play order:


Castle: J♦ + 11 more

Tavern: 22

Assussanni hand: 8♦ 3♣ 10♥ 7♥ 7♣
lalunaverde hand: 7♦ 8♥ A♠ 2♦ 5♦
Captbnut hand: 8♣ 9♠ 3♠ 4♦ 5♥
GeeBizzle hand: 7♠ 2♣ 9♦ A♣ 4♠

(looks as though the only way I can suppress the great big emoji for red suit symbols is to put the whole thing in a code block, which loses colour.)


Me first then? My thought is to attack with the 7♣ then defend with the 10♥.

Is that a good idea? I’ve never played this game before, so happy to hear if anyone else has an opinion before committing to the play.

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I’ve played Regicide a bunch and could answer questions and comment if that’s helpful, but I’ll keep out of it unless people ask. All I’ll point out for now is that the game plays nicely solo, in case you wanted to further familiarise yourself offline.

The changes for solo play are that you have a hand limit of 8 cards, and jokers are used completely differently: instead of nullifying the suit of an enemy (there is no way to do that when playing solo), they are simply a two-time resource which you can use before attacking or taking damage, which causes you to discard your hand and draw a new hand of eight cards. You don’t actually need joker cards as such – just to keep count of whether you did this action 0, 1, or 2 times (for gold, silver, or bronze victory respectively, if you win).

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Sounds sensible but if you take out the jack I don’t think you need to defend an attack so may be wasting your 10?

(I think I can safely clarify rules)

Jacks have 20 hp, and the 7 of clubs will contribute ‘only’ 14 of that, so the Jack will retaliate (doing 10 damage).


Got the 10 and 20 flipped in my head. Thanks

Well,@Assussanni, if you confirm your play…

Sure. Play 7♣ for 14 damage, block incoming ten damage with 10♥.

OK. Play 7♣, J♦ has 6 health left.

@lalunaverde is up.

Castle: J♦ attack 10 health 6, + 11 more
 Current damage done: 7♣
Tavern: 22
 Assussanni hand: 8♦ 3♣ 7♥
 lalunaverde hand: 7♦ 8♥ A♠ 2♦ 5♦
 Captbnut hand: 8♣ 9♠ 3♠ 4♦ 5♥
 GeeBizzle hand: 7♠ 2♣ 9♦ A♣ 4♠

Which cards are the animal companions?

I’m happy to play 7 :diamonds: to finish the enemy, even if it isn’t an efficient use of the suit’s power.

The animal companions are the four aces.
You can play an ace on its own (normal play); or with one other card (as a companion). In the latter case you get the combined total value of both cards for each of the suits that were played (with clubs doubling that combined value in the usual manner when you are establishing the effect for that suit (only)).

(edit: deleted incorrect comments that aces are also valid in a combo, following the helpful correction from Luke, one of the game’s designers, below!)

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The one gameplay hint I’ve picked up is that diamonds are precious and to be used with care, because if you manage to run out all of your diamonds you can’t get new cards any more.

Hmm… I think 7 :diamonds: is better than using the A :spades: + 5 :diamonds: play

Unless @Captbnut is happy to take on the Castle

I can do some damage

A♠ 2♦ please, @RogerBW