Rallyman GT on BGA: Async Recruitment

I’m intrigued by Rallyman GT. I’ve watched a teach video and still don’t really understand it. Anyone want to join me poking around on BGA? I know @RogerBW is the expert so hopefully he can join for guidance and doleful shakes of the head as I spin into a tree for the fifth time.

Plays up to 6

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I can Rallyman. Caveat though. I’m off on holiday for two weeks soon. So accessing the internet on a suitable device may be patchy. I really can see this working well on a mobile


Yeah all right. I’ve pretty much given up BGA with strangers but I’m happy to play with you lot. Send me BGA names and I’ll set up a game.

(And/or if you TTS and we can find a working time slot I can teach it better there, because I can move the bits around to demonstrate how things work. There’s a jolly good officially approved mod, co-maintained by, er, me.)


raged_norm everywhere! (or sometimes ragednorm when you can’t get the underscore)

Here :smiley: I am not on holiday. My partner is still saying things along the lines of “in 2 weeks I have more time for this” otherwise he would enjoy it but he currently has assessment meetings and those take up EVERYTHING… in any case I am with less time in 2 weeks and more now.

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I’m Captbnut over there

Laguna901 in BGA

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I would give it a go as a learning game if it is async. Oh and as I know nowt then likely be needing a hand. Played a whole tournament of innovation and still don’t have a clue about that game …


OK, I’ve set up the game - two laps of track 2, sunny weather, GT-6 cars. (If this doesn’t mean anything to you yet, that’s fine.)

The usual official rulebook download site has let its SSL cert expire, so here are the current rules:

Any questions might as well go here. I can do a full teach if you like.


Will I always have 6 black dice (until I take damage)? Will they always be numbered 1-6 before I place them?

The dice are only rolled to check if you take damage. They are always number 1-6 and you also have 2 white coasting dice without numbers and 3 red break dice without numbers.

Each of these dice have a number of blank faces and „oopsie triangle“ faces, roll three triangles and you lose control of the car.

You can choose to roll dice all together for „flat out“ which gives you „focus points“ or you can roll each dice separately starting at the first you placed which means you can stop at any time when you have 2 triangle faces. You can use focus points to skip rolling a die.

When you crash at speeds higher than 1 or 2 you can take damage and lose dice.


When you “lose dice” this doesn’t mean specific dice: if you’ve lost one black die, you can use 1-5 on one turn, 2-6 on the next.

1-2 and the white (coast) dice have 1 hazard each. 3-6 and the red (brake) dice have 2. The number and colour tell you when you can play it; when you roll, all that matters is hazard or not.


An important strategy tip: if you lose control in gear 1 or 2, you don’t miss a turn recovering (or risk damage). And if you’re rolling flat out, you can rearrange dice after you lose control, as long as you still lose it. So corners with a speed limit 1 are really handy, if you can arrange to cross that limit at speed 2 and have a nice safe stop rather than cutting a swath through the crowd.


Totally beanzed my first shot - interface struggles I am afraid. So looks like I’ll coast along the back ….


This is true up to a point. Though note that the leader, in particular, has a tough job to do, and there are plenty of opportunities to mess up.


Well I’ve made a right mess of that! I couldn’t use the brake dice

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They should be applied automatically when you place a gear lower than (current gear - 1).

Just took my turn, where’s @Captbnut? Oh.


Somebody was blocking the curve… so I had to stop right there. At least nobody is getting past us!

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Stuff BGA is doing automatically: turn order. Within each round, players act:

  • highest gear first
  • if tied, furthest round the track first
  • if still tied, inside of the current or next corner (i.e. space with speed restriction) first

This is probably a good time to talk about blocking.

This is a moderately unfriendly aspect of the game, so I would tend not to do it much with new players. I don’t mean filling up all lanes of the track, but rather the stuff you can do on your own: going fast to overtake someone who’s going slowly: if I end up at speed 5, one space ahead of someone who ended their previous turn at speed 3 and is going to move before I move again, they can’t accelerate up to speed 5 in a single space so they can’t move at all. (BGA shows this as a “skip turn” button.)