Railroad Ink - infinite players possible

I was going to run a poll on what game I should host next, but the Railroad Ink Green/Yellow Kickstarter just got started.

The new rules aren’t fully available yet, so this will be Railroad Ink in basic mode. Play along, or don’t; tell us your score at the end, or don’t. I will post die rolls once an hour or so, in details boxes so that you can play along if you miss a few.

RRI rulebook
RRI_Board_PnP.pdf (766.3 KB)

die faces for later use

route1_rail2_curve route1_rail2_straight route1_rail3 route1_road2_curve route1_road2_straight route1_road3 route2_road1-rail1-straight route2_road1-rail2-curve route2_road2-rail2-cross

Turn 1 of 7

route1_rail2_straight route1_rail2_curve route1_rail3 route2_road1-rail1-straight

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Turn 2 of 7

route1_rail3 route1_road2_curve route1_road2_curve route2_road1-rail2-curve

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Turn 3 of 7

route1_road2_straight route1_rail2_curve route1_road2_straight route2_road1-rail1-straight

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Turn 4 of 7

route1_road3 route1_rail2_straight route1_rail3 route2_road1-rail1-straight

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Turn 5 of 7

route1_rail2_curve route1_road2_straight route1_rail3 route2_road2-rail2-cross

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Turn 6 of 7

route1_rail3 route1_road3 route1_road2_curve route2_road1-rail2-curve

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Turn 7 of 7

route1_road3 route1_road3 route1_rail2_curve route2_road2-rail2-cross

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Roger's scoring

Item Points
Network of 10 36
Longest road 9
Longest rail 10
Central spaces 6
Stubs -9
Total 52

The suspiciously precise timing of the later posts is because I managed to work out how the new API authentication works, and wrote code to make the rolls and post the content. There is potential here!


At the time, I was not a fan of the roll in round 3 but otherwise I thought that was a fairly good set of rolls.

Board Picture

Oh no! I missed counting one of the X’s of a dead end. My score should be one less than shown in the picture. Sorry!


My 2nd ever game after the one on the SU&SD twitch stream. I got 51 points, which was much better than my first attempt!

I’ll see if I can edit in the board picture later when I’m less sleepy.

Thanks for running the game!

Board Picture


Welcome! (I was setting up this one when I saw the Twitch stream mentioned…)

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Thanks for the game! I’ve definitely done better in the past, but this was a good challenge that showed some weaknesses in my usual strategy.

Final Score: 46


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Looking back at my board for comparisons sakes after @pillbox posted, I spotted a mistake in my score calculation. Oops! Assuming I’ve got it right now, we’re tied @RogerBW. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I edited my original post to indicate the mistake.


I scored 44! That’s good, for me. (It is only my 4th game or so)

Great to have a set of fixed dice to compete to, would love more of these posts :slight_smile:


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I’m thinking about doing another game when the next KS arrives…