Quick "Under Falling Skies" Question

So, after playing Warp’s Edge and finding the experience technically interesting but narratively lacking, I pulled out Under Falling Skies. I played a quick game to reacquaint myself with the rules, and then hauled out Chapter One.

So… spoilers, I suppose, if you haven’t played Chapter One yet. Like me.

Because I ran smack into the same problem I had last time. The rules say to create two piles with random heroes, scenarios, and cities… but there are 4 of each in Chapter one! And all four of them are on the “Crisis Map” in the scenario, but only two of them are described… but is that because those (Montreal and Havana-ooh-na-na) are the only ones that require rules clarifications? So am I supposed to just use those two cities, and return the other two (I forget what they are), or am I supposed to put 2 cities in each of the piles? Or am I supposed to randomly pick two cities and then put one random hero and scenario (from all 4 of each) on those two cities and return everything else to the box for the next time?

… I don’t get it.

I’ll let someone else corroborate here but from memory, that’s pretty much correct. Two of the four sets go into the unused “bag” (get yourself some baggies). I think there might have been a reason to keep the unused bits separate, as well (you might use them if you lose a city? Man my memory is bad).

Anyway, hopefully someone can be less wishy washy about it but I think you’re ok.

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Further reading shows that you don’t destroy the cities you don’t initially pick: part 2 of each chapter you choose from the cities you didn’t choose the first time.

Would’ve been nice if they had explained that more clearly, but oh well!

I got my teeth absolutely kicked in for Chapter 2 (so much so that I’m wondering whether to start over). Neat game, but wow, that was brutal. And I’m only on 1 star difficulty!

You beat me to it. I had the same doubt, at some point it looks like the two cities you don’t choose get destroyed, but then you can use them later… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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And yes, it is brutal. Chapter 2 I still haven’t managed to clear.

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