Puzzles & Abstract Board Game Previews: Turing Machine, Fit to Print, Leaf, Evergreen, and more!


I love puzzle games so I would certainly try all of these, although I’m a little skeptical of Leaf and whether it’s clear enough when something fits right vs. doesn’t.

Love deduction games so Turing Machine looks real strong. Love Galaxy Trucker so Fit to Print looks pretty strong as well.

I wasn’t big on Photosynthesis so I’m not sure Evergreen changes enough about it to really catch my eye.

Mountains out of Molehills seems like it gets that Robo Rally feeling in a much shorter amount of time, I’m guessing? Which is a plus.

I am unlikely to buy any of these games but the organizer of the Meetup I used to go to before the pandemic is also big on deduction games, so I will keep an eye on his collection to see if he gets Turing Machine :stuck_out_tongue:

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Immediate visceral reactions, for which my scale is more or less (1) don’t care, (2) will play if someone waves it under my nose but will probably forget about it, (3) will seek it out for a demo, (4) will buy unplayed (very rare). I’m starting from the position of having lots of games I like and little space for new acquisitions, so I’m certainly being harsher than I was five or ten years ago.

00:37 Turing Machine - when I first read about this I got very irked by the way it has nothing to do with an actual Turing machine. I should probably get over that, because otherwise this is quite appealing. 3
06:37 Fit to Print - looks quite fun, but I’m not a huge real-time fan and nothing really jumps out at me. 2
12:43 Leaf - that sort of precise physicality is always a slight warning flag for me, because I know some players with very poor dexterity, though it does look lovely. 2
15:48 Evergreen - hmm. Yeah, the sun/shadow thing does feel like a copy of Photosynthesis. 2
18:25 Mountains out of Molehills - I like programming, though I already have Colt Express and VOLT (and I’ve sold Bad Maps); I really like the Mancala-style toppling, and that’s enough to push it to a “demo” for me. 3


Admittedly I was quite distracted when I watched this one, but the only thing that really caught my eye was Evergreen, and that was because it looks like Photosynthesis with wooden components instead of cardboard.


Turing Machine looks both mental and right up my street. Very keen to get it


I feel the same way. But I can just imagine the eyes of my friends/family glazing over as I try to explain the game.


Whichever of us gets it first runs a PBF. :slight_smile:


Do you care, though? :wink:

I guess my boardgame friendly friends would all roll their eyes like Roger at the realization it is not in fact a Turing Machine.

But it looks like a fun puzzle. Seeing it on a table does push it up my “I need to try this”-list

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I reckon it might be like Decrypto - really hard to explain, but if you play a round then it makes sense.

*At least that’s what I’m hoping


Fear not! There’s a game for you :smiley: