Podcast #200 - The Top 10 Games You "SHOULD" Play!

Clank! Legacy actually ends up as a personalized version of fantasy Clank! which we haven’t played a lot but we have done it and it’s a lot of fun.

After Pandemic Legacy 1, which we both loved precisely because it diverges from base Pandemic which we overplayed at some point, Clank! Legacy is really our favorite.

  • My City was okay.
  • Gloomhaven is less of a legacy and much more a campaign game though it has elements with stickers but as far as I know it can be reset and nothing is destroyed.
  • We really enjoyed the different path Pandemic Season 2 took but it cannot replicate the innovation of the first one–nothing really can (I know Risk came before but it was less popular by leaps and bounds)

Today we have tons of campaign games and very few legacy games. Most games opt for replayability after the first campaign even though most people will never play more than one campaign of most campaign games. (I know 1 person that played through Gloomhaven twice–once on the table and once online on TTS). 12+ games for Pandemic Legacy is a good number of plays on a game and maybe these forums are not representative and most of you get most of your games played more than that… I do not think that is true for the average boardgame customer. At the same time 12+ is achievable even for people who aren’t that deeply into boardgames.

I get the reasons for making such a game and there is a certain excitement in changing it, drawing on the map, ripping up cards (we did that a couple of times but most cards we kept until the end of the campaign)…

There needs to be a balance in a legacy/campaign game where you present players with a full game at the start but then evolve that towards something different and interesting which each step still being interesting. I think making a good legacy game is far harder to pull off than making a good campaign game or a good replayable game without any campaign elements.


IIRC Charterstone was meant to be playable once complete.

After Pandemic Legacy S1 and S2 we moved onto Charterstone but one of the regulars moved away and we didn’t continue without him. I’ve had it in storage for four years now. Probably should get rid of it, but recycling it seems like such a waste.

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This is fair.

(Checks my list of formerly-owned games)

Maybe I will only play The Captain Is Dead ten times and want to move it on… but what I’m moving on is a near-new copy of the game that someone else can have fun with.

I think Seafall is the sadly well-known example of putting too little of the game up front.


The my city permanent game is extremely disappointing at the time near completing the legacy game but is perfectly good for playing on boardgame arena.

What makes the permanent game of my city duff is that the legacy game doles and snatches cool bits but the permanent game just takes two of the least interesting variants from the middle of the campaign and just uses a plain version (unpersonal) of that.