Podcast #152 - Bashing The Reggies



In this nastily 152nd episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns get shonky while talking about two games against the clock! We ramble for far too long about Egizia, a game of rivers and building monuments - before then chatting about Regicide, the hot new card game that’s got everyone a-bubblin’. We also talk a tiny bit about The Crew, and Tom does a bad joke twice!

Have a great weekend, everybody!

03:38 - Egizia
22:11 - Regicide (& a bit of The Crew!)

Ooooh! I feel current with our failing pbf (failing in a we failed not a ‘pbf not working sense’).


I will just mention again that I detest that rule that is some variant of “you can hint, but you can’t say explicitly what cards you have”. Give me examples of permitted and not-permitted speech! To be fair to The Crew, it does get this right – and so does Hanabi.


I don’t like that either. Fortunately the rules of Regicide don’t say you can hint :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback though :+1: This is our first game so it’s always interesting to hear how people are reading the rules in the wild, we’re already pulling together ideas for clarifying this and other rules in our second print run of the game.

The idea with this rule was to prohibit any kind of communication (including non-verbal, indirect hints etc) about the contents of your hand. There are other allowed kinds of communication, like reminding player about how many cards you have in your hand or that the Tavern deck is nearly empty and so some healing would be good! I think we’ll include some examples of both allowed and prohibited communication in our next print run and/or in an online FAQ.