Please get rid of the 20 character minimum, and (later) do we like likes? and (later) "emojis, what are they good for?"

It might make sense for a discussion forum, but for many play by forum threads it is just an annoyance.

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My general feeling is that it’s helpful to cut down on “me too” replies, but I am open to persuasion.

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Can it be differentially applied on a thread-by-thread basis?
(e.g. 20 char minimum is in effect unless the person who posted the thread turns it off)

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I would prefer a tweak to perhaps 15

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Still, in various games, you will have situations where it is absolutely fine to post 2 or 3 character replies, and I see no reason to make people pad it out, whether to 15 or 20.

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It adds a nuisance cost to “me too” replies, discouraging them.

It adds a nuisance cost to many succinct gameplay posts. Do you want to discourage those?

I can add padding to my "me too"s as easily as to my witty quips and chess moves.


as, I believe, can I.
(if I can be bothered)

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Alas, it cannot; there’s just a single site-wide setting.


faaaaaaaaaair enough.

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Suggestion: change it from 20 to some lower number, like 5, at an unspecified future time without telling anyone. Then monitor how many annoying ‘me too’ messages appear during a test period like a fortnight. Then decide whether to put it back to 20.



This text will be blurred

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I agree.

Remaining yr most humble servant and most faithful friend, with much fond anticipation of your next correspondence and fonder still of your next visit,




Me too

(I love seeing what people pad their responses with)

Ooh, you cheeky little minx. Love it! :smiley:

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Pretty much anything involving code works.

The dog is good

I didn’t realize it was as high as 20. The other Discourse forum I frequent it’s 5 characters and it’s still obnoxious. (They’ve also disabled likes…well, hidden them…as part of a philosophical objection to the entire idea that I wholeheartedly agree with, and there’s still no real issue with me too posting. Here, that’s still an option if that’s the sentiment you want to express.)

(Would you rather I don’t like your posts @malkav11? Or is it the whole concept of likes?)

I think the idea of promoting much-liked posts so that they’re what other people see would be quite pernicious, but Discourse doesn’t do that; I tend to use likes to say “yeah, that’s a good post, but I don’t have anything more specific to add to that sentiment, so let’s tick this box rather than posting a variation on ‘I like this post’”.