Pedal powered propulsion

I spent this morning reconstructing my trike, which has been in pieces in the garage since 2017:

Trike trivia: I bought this trike from the implanted devices research group at UCL, where it had previously been used in research into treatments for leg paralysis

Anyone else got a pedal-powered vehicle that they’d like to show off?


My Elephant Bike (a reconditioned Royal Mail bicycle) is currently in storage downstairs: it’s huge and heavy, too big to easily get upstairs and out of the house, so at the moment it’s up on one wheel in the tiny utility room.

Here’s a pic taken shortly after delivery when I was putting it together. The very large front cargo tray was still to be fitted.


Are you planning to use it as a cargo bike?

If you have a standard Leeds cellar I’m not surprised that you don’t want to lug it up the stairs!


Just as an all-purpose day to day transport, really. Considering that it weighs 23kg and has drum brakes and a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer hub, it’s not going to get me anywhere in record time, but that was never the point. I’ve not driven in well over fifteen years and wanted something cheap, fixable and practical to use instead of always needing to ask for a lift.


I have nothing note worthy to show off, but I have a short, dumb tale of mechanical incompetence.

I took the rear wheel of my bicycle (a trail bike, not quite a mountain bike, but it has that look) to get a new tube (I don’t even try to repair them) at my favorite shop, I also picked up new pedals since my original ones had gotten a bit busted. This was Thursday.

I managed to replace the left pedal (which is reverse threaded), but I could not get the right pedal off to replace it. It was so bad that it was digging into the adjustable wrench I was using. I eventually gave up and decided to ride it to the shop on Saturday (today). (I usually go for a ~10 mile bike ride on either Saturday or Sunday anyway, and the shop is 12.5 miles away so this fit into my plans. There are closer shops, but this a family-owned, independent, friendly local (if I were local) bike shop that I just like).

Despite it being October, the weather has been hitting July-like temperatures. It was a good ride, but not a fun ride, if you know what I mean. Once at the stop, it took the guy about 3 seconds to remove the stubborn pedal. For those who may doubt, I did confirm that I was turning the wrench in the proper direction (I still had lingering doubts). But having the right wrench for the job was all it took.


Not mine, but seen on the way from hotel to Messe. A sort of hybrid electric velocar apparently.


It’s a pity that the name sounds like an insult.

May I just add: Hahahahahahahaha!




Both my newish E-Bike and my 15 year old “bio bike”
Only used the purple one since i got it nearly a year ago.
I use my bike a lot. I wish my partner had an e-bike as well because when we want to go anywhere together the hill we now live on is a huge obstacle for him to even consider the bike


What’s the range like on the ebike? We’re considering getting a couple to take with us on campervan trips so we can get places without moving the van (which we also don’t have yet :laughing: )


Lots of bikes on a rainy day.

2 e-bikes, to carry 3 kids as passengers wherever we go. One is of the low-slung variety for easier balance and short legs, the other is just like a regular bike with pedal assistance. Don’t know what their ranges are, but about 80 km, I guess?

1 fixie, that used to be my regular bike before the e-bikes. I loved the simplicity.

1 pedal-less bike that can have pedals attached later, when the little-uns gain some confidence.

2 unremarkable bikes.


This thread is making me consider a tricycle. I get occasional attacks of vertigo, which make a bicycle unsafe, but a trike would much more resistant to my getting sudden illusions about the direction of gravity.


Recumbent trikes are also super fun to ride - it’s basically a go kart :checkered_flag:


Electric cargo trikes are a thing, too.


No, ta. Given my vision limitations, if I’m on the road I want the best view possible.


Two wheels in the front adds to cornering stability (consider the force diagram).


I’ve done a lot of winter riding. Down to about 0F (-18 C), heat management is a real problem. If you wear enough to be warm at the start of the ride, in about 10 minutes, you will be hot and covered in sweat, which means when you stop, you get cold fast. So, you have to start underdressed, and be cold for the begining. So if you’re doing to do something off the bike, you need to carry extra layers. It’s very easy to get this all wrong, but staying warm is less of a problem then you might think.

I used to say Chicago never got cold enough not to ride. Then it was -25 for a week. (that’s Fahrenheit, I’ll let the people who use silly units convert.) that’s too cold to ride in. Especially when there was fresh snow.


Depending on temperatures (colder = shorter range) and my personal laziness and hilliness of the route, my guess is that I can get something around 60-70 km of battery power out of my bike. If I use „turbo“ support all the time battery empties quickly. With the hill now where I have 50m(?) height difference each return, I get between 5 or 6 trips to the grocery store before I feel I need to charge or else I might get in trouble on the way home.


I used to cycle 100+ miles a week, commuting to work and back. Now I work from home, I haven’t been on the bike in months. Need to get it out, get it serviced and actually start riding again.


I’ve just been in to the bike shop to get the trike serviced, which is going to require a new chain, gear set, chain ring… I guess I can’t complain given that it’s nearly 20 years old!