[PbP] - Would anyone like to play Root or Brass?

I may regret this decision, but I’m thinking of running either Root or Brass as a play-by-forum. I’d facilitate rather than play, because both games have hidden information. The medium would be Vassal for Root, or TTS screenshots for Brass.

Any interest?

  • Brass
  • Root

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I’d like to play either (but preference for Brass), but if you can fill a table I don’t mind sitting out.

Never played Brass, but I’m happy to play Root, I have been playing it on Steam

Been meaning to learn Brass (Lanc) for a while, never got round to it. Root, I already know, and I’m in two games on the app.

(Which means I voted for Brass (Lanc, not Brum))

Which Brass though? Thats important :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Brass mod on TTS is the original (Lancashire).

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