[PBP] Oh No I'm Late To The MCR Concert & I Have An Extra Ticket

It’s a dark and chilly night in New Jersey and you have two tickets to the My Chemical Romance concert across town starting soon. This poses three issues: you have little time to get there, and you have an extra ticket to the concert and no date. On top of that, you have to get across these Jersey alleys on Friday the 13th, when all the cryptids are out. Of course, this last part could also be the solution to your extra ticket…

This is the official PBP of Oh No I’m Late To The MCR Concert & I Have An Extra Ticket - a game about getting to the show on time, trying to find a date along the way - oh and all those potential dates are cryptids.

Our intrepid adventurers, @Cokho (First Player) and @Captbnut (Second Player) are going to make their way down town, walking fast, to… the Black Parade. Or something. I think. They will make their way around the map, searching for dates and perhaps gifts to give their dates - it’s all very exciting stuff.

Below is the map! There are four items hidden somewhere in the map that will help you on your journey - so don’t forget to take a look. You will also encounter cryptids on your journey, and they can either be fought or romanced - which we’ll get to later.

If our two heroes would like to introduce themselves to get started that’s great - you’re also welcome to decide if you’re going to travel alone (helps with romance) or together (helps with battling) .

You Have 120 Minutes Until The Show Starts…
(That’s game time, not real time. I’ll keep track!)


In the fog, you can see Zanauus shivering a bit, pulling back his hoodie on his long, red and pierced ,with six rings, ears.
He has a purple hoodie and black jeans, with a hole to allow his long a spear ended tail to pass through.
His left hand go into his central pocket and gives a firm squeeze to his brass knuckles, and with the other he goes through his long hair to try to give them a bit of volume.
He’ll get there, and he want someone with him. But he’ll get there first.

(I’m happy to go separate way, but if you want otherwise @captbnut , I can see that being fun too!)

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Darcus has wanted to see MCR since he was a kid. He and Sally had been talking about it since they were in school. He’d been so stoked when he got the tickets for her 21st.

Some surprise it’d had been. She dumped him, something about him being ‘an inattentive, arrogant prick’. He hadn’t been listening to be honest. He’d show her.

He’s wearing what he always wears, a black band T Shirt - Nirvana tonight, classic. Skinny jeans and Converse high tops. Black eyeliner and lipstick, a single red contact lens in his left eye. Wallet in his left pocket, new switchblade in his right.

He catches his reflection in a shop window. He’ll get a date tonight, no trouble.

He sees a demon (or a guy in a fantastic costume). He looks like he’s just collected tickets from the same scalper that Darcus is about to talk to.

Let’s make this a bit more fun - ‘Hey Demon dude, are you going to MCR. Want a race? If you beat me to the mosh pit I’ll pay for your ticket’


Zanauss looks over Darcus.

“Sure jackass, but you better not show up alone.”
He pauses a bit, trying to look cool
“Alone like a loser”
Nailed it


(My apologies for the silence, the weekend didn’t really allow for much attention to this, so I apologize)

[So, you two are now free to move into the first area. Just for some clarity -
when you go into an area you can use a turn to roll for perception to see if any of the items/gifts are hidden there. Since there’s really only one area to move into at this point, so I’ll just move you there, not to take away your agency :stuck_out_tongue: - also I’m posting the instructions for battle and romance in the OOC forum so that those are accessible and things make a bit more sense rather than feeding it all piece meal.]

The two of you walk into a cross street, two streets branch off at either side, and two out in front. The fog sits low on the ground, there are street lights on, bathing the surroundings in a harsh but dull yellow light. The neon sign on the 7/11 hums, and the occasional car moves by. It’s strangely quiet though, all things considered. Across the street, a man is leaning against on of the many non-descript, brick buildings that populate this area. He’s smoking a clove cigarette, wearing a vest covered in patches. He has a strange combination of mullet/mohawk. Looking closely, you can see that his arm appears to be … made of patches as well. His skin has a green tinge, but the patches on his arms appear to be slightly different colours, stitched together like some kind of… Frankenstein’s Creature

He sees you, and makes his way over.

@Cokho It’s your turn.

[Turn Order:
Frankenstein’s Creature

I’ll try to see if I see something interesting around before making eye contact with him. Should I roll a d20?

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Yes, roll away :slight_smile:

@Cokho asked for a die roll:
d20: 7

The streets are clean @cokho - not a thing to be found.

@Captbnut - it’s your turn :slight_smile:

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So, from what I understand my options are to fight it, or try and pull it?

Can I make a break for it?

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I mean, there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t make a break for it.
And I’m not going to tell you that you can’t.


‘see ya later sucker’

Darcus notices a skateboard lying on the floor. He grabs it, runs, jumps on a grabs a car bumper (just like in Back to the Future).

As the car hits 20, Darcus is struck by a number of things

  1. He doesn’t know how to ride a skateboard
  2. He thinks the skateboard may belong to the Frankenstein dude

The final thing he is struck by is the bumper of the car he’s holding on to; the driver of which didn’t like him grabbing on and has performed an emergency stop.

Winded, dazed and slightly broken, Darcus looks up from the floor at the Frankenstein dude and the angry driver. He’s sure he can hear laughing from across the street.

‘Dudes, let me explain…’

Frankie looks down at Darcus, cocks his head to the side, and very cooly kicks the back of his skateboard, launching it up into his hands.

“Well, that was kind of a fucked up thing to do.”

Almost without warning, he brings the board down on Darcus.

(@Captbnut - please roll a D20 + speed)

@Captbnut asked for a die roll:
d20: 20

+3 to my pure 20


You roll out of the way, and the board hits the ground, breaking in half against the concrete. Frank looks perplexed and very disappointed. Holding the two broken halves of the skateboard in his hands, looking between them, to Darcus, blaming you for this state of affairs.

@Cokho I believe it is your turn.

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Perfect time for a chat up line?

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Mechanically - As I’m understanding from the rules - if you and @Cokho both have flirting intentions, you’ll have to roll against each other. So I think it will kind of depend on their turn.

Story wise - nah, he pissed.

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Can we get a date early on and then dump them if we get a better offer later?

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