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Async is how I’ve always referred to it.


I’m trying to register on Order of the Hammer, but it is having problems sending a validation email, I’ve definitely typed it in correctly and tried an alternative. Did anyone else have a problem?

Same issue here.

As the site says, email validation hasn’t been working for years. Follow the link provided to a BGG thread and ask there to be validated.


Cheers, I wasn’t seeing that message but registered now

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Substitute Liverpool for Birkenhead, and this is fine.

Depends what cards you used though - we need to know that.

I had cards for both Birkenhead and Liverpool… But it might be better just to build a port in Birkenhead…(and the canal from Ellesmere Port)

There is no space for a port in Birkenhead, and a canal can use any card.

If you look at the map, there’s actually no way to build anything in Birkenhead in the canal phase, because a shipyard is the only option, and there’s no way to get coal to Birkenhead by canal/port.

Birkenhead is essentially inaccessible during the canal era. The shipyard requires coal to build, and there is no way to link to a coal supply.

Edit: @Benkyo got there literally seconds before me!

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Yes, sorry, I had not magnified the image, from the distance I thought the canal was going to Birkenhead

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So, if I’m on the ball, the new turn order is:

Geebizzle (3)
Captbnut (8)
Benkyo (9)
Chewy77 (9)


That is the correct turn order.

I’ve sent @Chewy77 and @GeeBizzle their new cards. I’ll update the board at lunch time.


Chewy’s “board” should show zero tier 1 ports, not zero tier 1 shipyards. I think repetition of the player board/tile details would also be useful.


I’m afraid that’s a port in Warrington, not a shipyard.

The old game of you can’t do that strikes again. Give me a minute to rethink.


I totally forgot about shipyards and thought they were the same as ports :man_facepalming:

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Easily done!

Can I confirm that there are no canals heading north from Bolton or Bury? The map has been the same for the entire game and I imagine it is designed like that, but it’s bloody annoying.

Handily enough, the image you’ve just posted in the beautiful games thread confirms no canals.

That’s right - no canals north from Bolton or Bury. Imagine Martin Wallace cackling in glee at the frustration the map design causes :grin:

Yeah, noticing the division of the map into 3 inadequately linked areas: ports, Blackburn line, and Manchester area, was quite an eye-opener for me after I submitted my first turn.

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