PBF: The Search for Planet X

Would anyone be interested in trying a PBF of The Search for Planet X? Since most of the heavy lifting is done by the app, I reckon it should be possible to convert it for PBF without too much faff.

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Sure, happy to give it a try.

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I’ll play only in the case that there aren’t enough takers to make 4 - I have the game and have played it plenty so prefer to give someone else a shot, but always happy to round out a group of it.

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I’d be interested in playing. I do have a busy weekend ahead though, so I might not be ready to start until Monday.

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I’d be up for trying! Since I’ve only managed to solo my physical copy once so far.

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I’ll try and get everything set up over the weekend, and then start on Monday :+1:

Four players will be me, @COMaestro, @Assussanni, and @RogerBW. If that’s ok with you @InkyBloc? If you’d rather play I can just moderate.


I’ll be following with interest in how this works as a remote game :slight_smile:


Absolutely! May the best astronomer win.

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Nice one, I will following closely too, this game has piqued my interest for a while now.

I’m afraid things got in the way rather at the weekend, so it’ll probably be Thursday before I can get this sorted.


No worries; thanks for the update.


Here’s the board (apologies for amateurishness):

Here’s a link to the note sheets - we’re using standard mode:

Does anyone have a colour or season preference?

For the theories, I can track their progress on the board, but you’ll have to keep your own notes about what they are, and not fib about it when we get to the peer review stage :wink:

I’ve just noticed that I haven’t marked the theory or conference stages on the board, so I’ll do that before we start.


Here’s the note sheet rotated to match the board’s orientation. (I was doing it for me, I might as well share it with you.)
rotated.pdf (207.5 KB)

(don’t mind about colours etc.)


I’ll take pale blue-grey, please. And Summer, I guess (does season actually matter at all or does it just denote seating position)?

It determines what starting information you get.

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I will take whatever

@Assussanni: blue, summer
@COMaestro: red, fall/autumn
@RogerBW: yellow, winter
@Whistle_Pig: purple, spring

The code to put in the app is C6J4

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Out of curiosity, what experience level are people going with? I was going to go with Experienced but if everyone else is going Genius I wouldn’t want to feel left out!


Based on my previous performance in this game, I think I’ll stick with experienced…

I have my Starting Information. Should everyone check in before we Start Game?