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Thanks so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I would never have figured that out on my own that I can use the tracking number elsewhere! It is with a local DHL place. I feel sooo much better now that I know.

@tomm_archer i didn‘t know those pages, they did not have it listed with DHL though but maybe I need to study those for better search input. Thanks for pointing me there!

edit: in lieu of making yet another post. It was customs. The Moonrakers people–once again–were unable to organize shipping with customs pre-paid and that always causes trouble.


I don’t know what the customs rules are nowadays, especially post Brexit.

When I order stuff from AliExpress, I pay VAT. Sometimes the stuff comes from China, sometimes it comes from the UK.

When I order PCBs from China, I have the option to pay the VAT/customs fees ahead of time. I never do and I’ve never been hit with customs charges.

I’ve ordered records from mainland Europe. If I order through Bandcamp, they collect VAT. If I order directly from a website, they don’t collect VAT. Again, I’ve not in recent memory been hit with customs charges.

More often than not when I order from the States, I get hit with VAT and customs fees.

Maybe it’s just luck of the draw?


I think my android phone has picked up a virus. Occasionally when I open chrome it goes to a page called mintnav.

Searching for how to remove it brings up a whole load of dodgy looking stuff.

I know there are some tech savvy people on here, can you help me get rid of it please?

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Do you have a Xiaomi phone? I think you need to open Chrome, go to Settings > Homepage and change it to something other than mintnav


Thank you. That’s great

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Any Google Chrome experts out there? Whenever I go to kickstarter.com using Chrome, it doesn’t show any of the campaign details (just the pledges), the update section shows an error “We’re having trouble loading updates right now”, and the comments show the error “Sorry, we couldn’t load comments just now. Please refresh the page to get updated comments.”. It’s only started happening in the last couple of weeks. I reinstalled Chrome, and all the extensions, no difference. In Firefox it’s all fine.

I could access all the pieces of the Kickstarter webpage on my Chrome installation. But I am not actively using Chrome.

I would try the following:

  • check if you have any extensions installed and disable them one by one to figure out if any of them are to blame
  • remove all website information that chrome may have stored for kickstarter → Settings → Privacy & Security → Clear Site Data. It does seem like you cannot do this “per site” in Chrome…

Have you tried in Brave which is also based on the Chromium engine?


Be slightly wary of Brave, for two reasons. Yes, it is a lighter-weight version of Chromium, but…

(1) until you tell it not to, it pops up cryptocurrency garbage all over the place. (Which is about as effective on me as an ad saying “try our casino today!” but still irksome.)
(2) there are bits missing. For example the popup controls in Jitsi (other speaker volume, private message, etc.) don’t work, presumably because of some change to the JavaScript implementation or some built-in blocking.

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Wow, just skimming the Wikipedia entry, I wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole …

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Dunno where this came from, but I approve.

[via Akkoma]


There’s a version of that sign with a graffitied “bless you, I can’t “ on it.


The new series of Race Across the World started on UK TV this week.

Having done London to Singapore and Mexico City to the tip of Argentina this series is Vancouver to St John (apparently the most Eastern point on mainland North America).

Thought this was a bit of a swizz but it seems like public transport doesn’t exist in Canada and hitchhiking is illegal.

Canada is staggeringly beautiful and this seems like a good cast. Always enjoy programmes that the boys watch with us. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

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