Orienteering anyone?

Anyone ever done any orienteering?

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Many years ago. I suspect it’s effectively been replaced by geocaching these days. (Which I keep meaning to try out.)


No, but @RogerBW geocaching is really good

Geocaching is really good. And free! Lots of cryptic puzzles, and a really good way to find the history on your own doorstep.

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Another recommendation for Geocaching. Very good fun. It’s like the whole world is a game! And not that one where someone hits you in the crotch with a large conker.

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I have. I was a member of a club for a while (https://www.southdowns-orienteers.org.uk/). I enjoy it.

Cool. How serious are the clubs? Are there starter events and the like?

The southdowns club is both serious and welcoming. Every event has a range of courses, from child friendly to reasonably challenging. It’s always possible for non members to go, and the people are helpful. The majority at any meet will be people who have done it a lot, which is inevitable for a club, and that might seem intimidating, but newcomers are not uncommon and although all the times are published I never had a problem with coming quite far down the order.

I’d recommend it as a way of gamifying cross country running and getting out to some nice places. I’d imagine other clubs are similar.

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