Oath PBF companion thread, for rules questions and the like

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I’m glad they told me.image


If anyone has any questions after the massive wall of text and images that is the playbook intro, please let me know.

Likewise if there are any player aids, images, or reference material you want to see.

I’ve added the player aids to the top post of the PBF thread.


I think I’m following, those posts are really helpful! I’m struggling slightly with long-term strategy mixed in with the basic play but it’s very helpful to know -why- the moves are being taken. Thank you very much for the hard work so far.



You reminded me I missed out Yellow’s “why” text, so I just added that.

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(If possible, I’d like to keep rules questions in this thread please)

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Muster puts warbands on your board. Currently the Lush Coast is ruled by bandits, and a campaign would be required to place your warbands there.

This probably affects your choice to move to the plains too, maybe even the play of warning signals, so feel free to craft a new turn.

Remember you can play cards face down to advisers, if you do just message me the card to place, or say “furthest card left in the search draw” or whatever.

You didn’t specify, but I’ll point out this means the vision is discarded to the Provinces.


Edited - I have 1 supply I’m not using; does that get carried over?

It does, yes.

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Limited to one, I think. Search coming up soonish.

What bank are you taking favor from with the Spirit Snare?

Normally I would also ask what order you discard the cards in, but this time I know you are just going to search them both anyway.

Nomad bank please. And also, this time I’m search the Hinterlands discard aren’t I?

Yes, which is where you discard the cards from the Provinces search. Does that change your turn?

Oh of course, yes. I had forgotten they discard there. I would have done the turn differently but I’ve seen cards that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen so I won’t change things, I’ll just carry on.

@benkyo so does the oath keeper flip when I wake?

If nobody has taken it from you it should :slight_smile: then they have another round to take it or you win :slight_smile:

Sure does!

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Ssssshhhhhhhh! Esslei inwei atchei.


Ah, I see a Disciple of the Quiet Ones. Sorry.

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I feel like I should confirm: you know that you can search the cradle for 2 supply?

Perks: guaranteeing a look at 3 cards, and there’s no risk of drawing a new useless-to-you vision that the exiles would be happy to see you discard?

Cons: none?

I’ll do the search result tomorrow.