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I’m not sure it had a proper name. This was in a very small town in Sweden.


I must be missing something, because in my opinion those are the same number of syllables…


Hmm. Oversimplification on my part (or I’m using the wrong terms… probably both).

“Yonge” should be pronounced “Yah-on-juh”, but is pronounced “Yon-guh.” Toronto should be pronounced “Tor-on-toe”, and is instead pronounced “Toh-an-nah” or “Tor-an-ah” depending on who you are talking to. Occasionally “T-dot,” “Hogtown,” or “The GTA.”

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Don’t get me started with accents, we have the kiwi accent and the “e” sound…


I’m sure you didn’t post that looking for a Japanese lesson, but nevertheless, here’s my quick and dirty particle guide:

Ha (sounds like wa): after subject/topic
Ga: after new/unknown subject, before a “can” verb
Wo (sounds like o): before other verbs
He (sounds like e)/ni: before destinations, this one yeah, too many specifics to go into which is correct

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After Flüsterpost, I thought about another fun word…


Famously used for Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher

„Sollbruchstelle“ is the place where something is supposed to break :slight_smile: Mostly intentionally…