Mothership One Shot - The Holl-E and the Iv-E

Mothership is a sci-fi horror rpg.

This is a continuation of my Christmas themed oneshot.

Original thread…
Mothership RPG one shot.pdf (1.3 MB)

The Crew of The Starbeast have awoken from cryosleep to find their ship missing, their pods aboard a mysterious ship whose crew appear to have been slaughtered. The sole survivor, Clarke is incredibly agitated to find the computer core has been turned back on and there is something loud heading their way…

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(@Scribbs and @Gungeon I can assure you this will be over by Christmas.)

Want a post resetting the scene?


Yes, please. Thank you

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Clarke stops walking.

“No, no, no. You didn’t turn it back on? Why would you…”

The internal speakers start broadcasting…

Isaac waves the tranq gun for emphasis.
His finger slowly tightening on the trigger.

“If I knew what had happened I wouldn’t have spent three years in Cryo! The computer is a glitching
mess and the crew is dead. I haven’t even got shoes! For the love of the Earth can we just bug out,
blow this place to atoms and jump home.”

Clarke moves towards the door.

Something in the corridor starts screaming…
(Add one stress.)

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Bridger takes up a firing stance and points his gun towards the sound of the screaming.

“Clarke, we need EAV suits or a shuttle. You want out, show Isaac where they are” he growls, attention fixed forward.

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Clarke nods, staring at the door…

“Clockwise docking bay 4, no shuttle.”

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Pokey pokey pokey @Gungeon and @Scribbs

(Where are we on the map, and where’s the noise coming from?)

Cryo (G)

The sound is coming from the corridor, probably in the direction of E & F.

I messed up the above post a lot. It is now correct, probably.

“Reckon yanking the plug again will stop whatever that is? Computer core is just round the corner”


“Could be. Though so could a dozen rounds?” He laughs nervously.
“You got a remote cam?

“Nope. Not standard issue to average grunts like me. Look, if you make a run for the core, I’ll cover you and Clarke.”

@Gungeon do you look right as you head out of the door, or do you run straight forward to the core?

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“Clarke, make yourself useful and take a quick peek.”

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(That made me laugh!)

Clarke suppresses a scream and bolts forward. He will reach the door to the server room before you.

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“Dammit. That’s not what I meant! Ah well…” Isaac bolts after him.

You hear a shuffling down the corridor, but you don’t look.

As you reach the door Clarke shouts over the music. “It’s changed the code!“

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“Ah crapping nutsacks! Bridger!? Can you give us cover? We gotta get this damn door open!”

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(Is there a console I can work with @RossM?)

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