@Mintochris’s Descent into Madness: A Chronicle - Mr President

Let’s stimulate the economy…
Well that did nothing.

The special forces raid on those Manila terrorists was a total botch. They’re in the wind and we’re left with a mountain to climb again. At least the press didn’t catch wind of it. At least the secretary of state’s India trip calmed that region down a good bit.

Now for the crisis chits. First a summit with Canada that goes well. Homeland security is up thanks to some agreements on border cooperation.
Oh god, three more cards…

The middle east gets some big bad terrorists

My 9/11 anniversary speech does go down well. Public approval, congressional support, and domestic crises all trending in the right direction. It’s no wonder they elected me.

Well this one’s going to come back and bite me.

Somalia’s civil war might have been quelled, but the regime we endorsed turns out to be mental and now we have a rogue state in Africa. Not looking forward to that one bearing fruit.

Australia getting in on the action now. Turns out those Manila terrorists got some Comms caught up in Australia’s emerging five-eyes surveillance and we’ve located them again. A joint raid (perhaps approaching on surf boards?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Kills the leader and what’s left of the group is much less of a threat.
The Aussies only went and cleared up the stragglers too! What an ally.

Israel then go to work with us locating our newly strengthened middle eastern terrorist group - a good start. We also tag team some diplomacy work to increase regional stability in the middle east, that’s useful as all that terrorism had been chipping away at it. They then go it alone and start a full on air/ground war with Hezbolla. So much for stability. They both get shooty, but nothing really changes other than a few funerals on each side. This one’s going to rumble on.

India are too paralysed by their fraught international relations that we get nothing done for joint ops, but they do manage to escalate on the Pakistan border and try to drag us into it.

Next up is Somalia, they are spreading anti-US sentiment and seem to have found someone to sell them weapons.

Most of the unstable states keep ticking along, but it looks like the middle east is feeling the pressure. Civil war breaks out. Perhaps Yemen this time?

The cabinet get their moment in the sun now and try to take action on five of their six priorities (the sixth was just a tad too stressful). Public and press relations improve, the economy is no longer worsening, Congress now bloody love me, and my cabinet buy me some political capital to get some extra actions done soon.

Time for me to build on this good work and get some legislation moving. It turns out that the public and Congress both love me so much that I can’t fail to win support for my bills. Bills addressing the lingering domestic issues post 9/11 and increasing NASA funding both look likely to pass soon.

That’ll do for now :grin:. I’ll finish the law bit later…

Ah screw it!
The domestic issues bill gets filibustered, but my NASA bill is a landmark! Jalen Jones is on my friends list now as her state builds some key subsystems for the new launch vehicle. Public approval maxes out at 70%, Congress wish they could love me more, the military love that their new space weapons programme will be able to reach orbit on these new vehicles. It’s also public legislative priority number 3 so I’d gain more public approval if I could, and administrative priority 2 giving me some more actions and fancy legacy points. I’m really making my mark.


Another session this evening and the wife joined me so it’s poorly documented!

We did our best to stabilise Africa and increase its us alignment. Civil war in Poland became a ceasefire and then peace, and several terrorists worldwide eliminated. We did then get an explosion of gun crime in the US and some nasty terrorists popping up in the eurozone. Russia nearly went to war with Ukraine. India and Pakistan almost did the same. We negotiated India down, but Russia were having none of it and remained on the brink of war until our second round of talks. Two rounds of talks between Israel and Hezbolla resulted in both of them increasing their military commitment and the stalemate continuing. Oops!

Next up will be the terrorist groups acting, I think the eurozone might struggle!


A short session with a friend this morning saw terrorists get all uppity in the eurozone thanks to Somalian agitation and a new group bombed the Indonesian government and killed hundreds. Indonesia is now an unstable state.

The UN did some good work around the place, but DPRK started their usual destabilising tricks.

Next up will be some domestic actions. Hopefully in the next couple of days another proper session report.


I had am Xmas shopping day and played a big chunk extra, but sorry to say I didn’t note down what happened. Whilst the log is fun to look back on (and I hope interesting for you) it was slowing me down so much that I was avoiding playing. I’d rather enjoy the game and play faster!

On the plus side in about 4 hours I did nearly half a turn (which is MUCH faster) and look to be on course for an end of yr 2 early victory. We shall see!

If anything particularly crazy happens I’ll share, and I’ll let you know how it ends, but if I keep logging it I’ll be here until next Xmas and end up abandoning it.


Get a stand for your phone and just set it to record audio while you play. That way you can just narrate audibly what’s happening as you go.

You know… like a doctor.

And then ask the White House staff to send the audio to a transcriptionist.