@Mintochris’s Descent into Madness: A Chronicle - Mr President

Following on from

I’ve decided to try and keep a bit of a log of my first game of Mr President, as insane as it seems to be.

Summarizing the first few hours from those previous posts:

Setup is a 4hr bear.

During setup the eurozone had an unemployment crisis and North Korea got cheeky with some submarines and upset a few people.

The prep phases for the first proper turn of the game involved my cabinet being offended by my attempts to charm them, damaging homeland security, and reducing my public approval.

Following this, Russia went mad, developed anti-missile tech, invaded Afghanistan, tried to claim the arctic, started a disinformation campaign in eastern Europe, and sent destabilising spies into the eurozone. Then it got grumpy and shifted to a cold war footing.

Grumpy Russia

War in Afghanistan

So now it’s back to the grindstone, and time for me to take some actions to tidy up this mess (or probably make it worse).


[pillbox sits down in a comfy chair with a bag of popcorn]


This is the solo game?

It looks incredible


Solo-only game from GMT

Probably a collusion between GMT and gaming table manufacturers to sell more, larger tables.


It’s the only reasonable reason!


I looked at this, I thought it sounded amazing.

This game has “Divorce” written all over it though


Summit with the Russians. Given frosty relations they’d only talk about one thing, so I went for “Improve relations” and got a little PR win in whilst bumping up two half-spaces on their track and avoiding protracted cold warness. Tensions reduced. Had a chat with the cabinet who totally ignored my team building attempts. Bloody politicians. Let’s try and get something done anyway.

That lingering domestic issue seems to be important to people… After spending some extra time persuading them the cabinet finally cooperated and we’ve knocked that one on the head. I wonder what it was. Policing perhaps?

Straight back down to Earth with a bang. An earthquake in LA. Mass casualties. Probably a writer’s strike too. Thanks to my big spending on relief the disaster becomes a major publicity coup and does wonders for my image. Almost precisely as good for me as the Major crisis that then unfolds as rebel assaults in Pakistan destabilise the whole region. The local government counterattack was successful… For now! At least it calmed the crisis level back down. Shame about the alignment and stability. Oh and India don’t like me anymore.

Now, back to childcare. Aren’t presidents supposed to have someone to deal with that?


Is the play time for this the full 4 year term?


It feels like it might be thus far! I’ve set aside a couple of years realtime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

In game 4 years with a possible second terms if it floats your presidential boat.


Out of curiosity, how do you “win” this game? Not get impeached or assassinated? Not spark a military coup?


I wasn’t interested in this until I saw it was solo only, and now I’m fascinated! (But then, I actually like Nemo’s War, so the “takes 2 days and 2 tables” isn’t a dealbreaker).


You get succeeded as President by Matt Santos

I’m still holding out for The West Wing - The animated series.


You get a score to compare to a table of historic presidents based on your domestic performance and popularity (assuming your international performance doesn’t end the game early through one of the many failure states).

Really though it’s the journey that matters.


“Congratulations, you beat Eisenhower for ‘Most Radioactive’!”


Canada takes this opportunity to request UN aid for the middle east, moving the region further from crisis. It also has some spare time so the government has a spa retreat and reduces its tension with the US by a couple of tokens. They also seem to have sent aid to the faltering eurozone - probably worried about all that Russia stuff.

The gulf states follow up on my Intel work and identify the general area of the base of one of the terrorist cells operating in the region. They also seem nervous about Iran and invite me to expand my military presence in the area. This makes things awkward, but I’m not saying no.

It turns out they were right to be nervous, as Iran gives sanctuary to one of the terrorist groups we were tracking. This ruined our intel and the group seems to have spawned more extremists.

Pakistan also nearly boiled over into civil war, but thankfully stepped back from the brink at the last moment.

A good day in the office today. Relations with Congress improve after some effective schmoozing by the cabinet. Preparedness drills for domestic crises buy me some wiggle room for unexpected future events, and key members of my disagreeable cabinet complete some sensitivity training.

Further tensions in cabinet diffused, we lay the groundwork for the upcoming legislative session with some brown-nosing to improve bipartisan cooperation.

The media do seem to be taking more of a negative slant on all of my wonderful decisions lately… Hmm…

Congress is congressing, and with none of my legislation on the table yet it’s mainly a PR exercise in seeming magnanimous whilst letting some little fish get some small victories. Everyone seems happy, particularly that member of Congress with the son that owns that newspaper and TV news station. Perhaps now is the moment to introduce the first parts of my grand plan?!

Let’s get those bills on the table.

Despite addressing two key priorities for the electorate Augusta Dukes managed to spin it that I’m not following my election promises. We’ll need to deal with her.

Wrapping up my efforts for this section with a crisis chit draw… Two crisis cards won’t be good…

Typical. Russia found oil under the arctic. No wonder they were faffing about up there. A boost to their economy made even larger by the massive influx of money from China who are taking advantage of the lower oil price. China’s economy on the up too then. I won’t be able to outspend them forever.

Well. This is a surprise.
“Mr President, Time magazine are on the phone.”
“What do you mean… Runner up?!”
I suppose it’s good PR anyway.


That looks insane. Thank you for chronicling your journey!


In that case, I want there to be an officiated version of this that every presidential candidate needs to play, and if they utterly suck at it, they can’t be president! :stuck_out_tongue:


Do away with the election. We’ll just hold a nationwide Mr. President tournament and the winner will take the helm for the next 4 years.

It literally can’t be worse than the system we have now.


At least we might get people who show they are somewhat qualified for the position that way!