Memoir '44 initial test game

So I was listening to the latest SU&SD podcast of Fantasy Game Nights and of course it reminded me of this:

and I think it ought to be possible to do Memoir '44 as PBF without too much trouble.

It’ll need a referee to handle the card decks though. I’m happy to do that, plot the maps, and so on. Looking for a couple of players… if you know the game so much the better, because I don’t.

My eventual goal is obviously a 6 8-player Overlord-type game.


I’d be keen to give it a shot. I have a copy but not played it with others yet and just tried a couple of two-handers myself.

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My FOMO is terrible! Too many PBFs going on!

I know the game.

I can’t do this one as well, I will watch and offer sage advice

I’d definitely be up for it. I know the game - play it online quite regularly

Put me in as reserve ©

OK, let’s say @gmwhite999 and @Griffster77 for this test game.

Any preference for sides? Or scenarios? They seem to recommend Pegasus Bridge.

There’s not a lot going on in Pegasus Bridge and it’s pretty heavily weighted towards one side (US? Can’t remember).

If it’s a first go, make sure everything works game then it’ll be fine, but otherwise I’d try something that gets tanks and artillery involved.

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Scenario recommendations from people who know the game are welcome. :slight_smile:

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Battle of Arracourt has got a lot going on. All of the tanks

Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder it appears…

Moyland Wood is a three star rated scenario with circa 50/50 win rate for Allies and Axis

“The German opportunity to hit the 4th US Armor Division with a concentrated blow was foiled by poor map reading and a French farmer.”


I’ve not played that scenario, it looks excellent. The sandbags and the German Specialist tanks will need explaining

But happy to play Arracourt if thats what decided - it does have a 65%/35% weighting to the Allies tho

@gmwhite999 do you have an opinion?

tbh I was having trouble with that website, the scenarios in the base game were ‘classified’ and Arracourt was the first one I recognised that I could see!

I think you know the game much better than me (and I’m not playing)

There aren’t any special tanks?

Sandbags is pretty easy.

A unit in a hex with Sandbags is protected on all sides, not just along the hex-sides where
the Sandbags are placed. When a unit does not benefit from any protection for its terrain, the sandbags reduce the number of Battle dice rolled by 1 when attacked by Infantry or Armor. As usual,
Artillery Battle dice are not reduced.
◆ A unit hidden behind sandbags may ignore the first flag rolled against it.

I play on the Days of Wonder Memoir 44 app so can see all the scenarios and their current ratings

You can join for free if you like!

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Aren’t there 2 German 4 tank units? There are 3 Moyland Woods so I may be looking at the wrong one

As far as I can see that’s the only thing that’s special about élite armour – they start with 4 strength rather than 3.

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