Master Word Game 3 recruitment

Would anyone here be interessted in playing Master Word?

Here you can see how to play it: BoardGameGeek

I think it is rather suitable game to play in a forum

I’m in! Never a word game I wouldn’t try.

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Sounds good; I’ll give it a try.

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Looks like we are going to be only 3 but that should be ok. I will start the game tomorrow morningish, maybe someone will join by then, otherwise not a problem


So, let’s start.

Since we are 3, it means that the seekers (you) can give 2 clues per round. You are allowed to discuss here and coordinate what you want to write. At the end of a round I will post a table with your clues that might look like this:

Hint: Animal
Mammal Land Aquatic Farm 2
lays eggs European Reptile Pet 0

words are your clues, the number on the right are “on the right track” clues given.

Per game you have 3 guesses in total. you are allowed to guess from the second round on. Please write your guesses in bold so I can identify them, don’t forget if you write the answer as a clue we loose the game.

One game has max. 7 rounds in which we must find the searched word.

If you have questions towards the game feel free to ask.

And with that I give you the Hint for this game: SPORT

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So as I see it @Inkybloc and I now take our 90 PBF seconds (bigger than normal seconds!) to agree on a set of four clues.

I propose “uses a ball” and “indoor”.


Yeah, I was thinking about a 24h time limit, but decided to see how it goes first.


I was gonna say “uses a ball”! With this kind of synchronicity we can’t fail.

My proposed clues are: “in the Olympics” and “uses a net

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Let’s do it.

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uses a ball indoor in the Olympics uses a net (2)


We can reuse clues. (Which gives me a hack, one clue once and one clue twice and “banana”, which would give a definite yes/no on two clues.)

Uses a bat?

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There may be some pairs that can be eliminated. For example, something that is Olympics + net, but outdoors without a ball? Not ringing a bell (badminton being indoors). Same with net + indoor (again, badminton, in the Olympics).

How “Mastermind” are we supposed to treat this? Because you’re absolutely right that the book move would be to reuse stuff and get some solid answers.

Another possible clue: Winter sport (i.e. snow or ice is involved).

High jump uses a net? :slight_smile:

Winter sport, indoor, …?

Winter sport, indoor, uses a net, uses a bat?

Sounds good to me.

Does it? It’s just a mat, no?

I assume those are the 4 clues

Yes, that’s the plan.

Round 2

uses a ball indoor in the Olympics uses a net 2
Winter sport indoor uses a net uses a bat 0

Hell yeah! So it’s outdoor, uses a ball but not a net, and is in the (presumably Summer) Olympics. Baseball maybe?

Edit: No bat, duh. I’m kind of stumped actually. Shotput?