Looking for 1 - 2 players for a D&D5e Campaign

Hello everyone.

A friend of mine is going to be running a D&D 5e Campaign and is looking for at most two other players. There is already two players, myself and another friend of mine. We are looking to run the game on Sundays, around 5PM Mountain Standard Time, every two or three weeks, to be determined.

The campaign is set in a Primal Early Era of a world before any great civilizations have arose, and is centered on a small tribe of people (about 14 people) who have been brought together by circumstances and must now build a sustainable future for themselves. The PC’s are included in this small tribe and while they are not the leaders of the tribe they are influential in various ways. The Campaign will have themes which include but are not limited to, Actions Have Consequences, Exploration, Survival and Building A Legacy. The Campaign will be fairly realistic, technology will be very primitive and Stone Age, metal weapons will be extremely rare and not in the hands of the PC’s at first. The game will have strong “sandbox style” elements to it. The overarching narrative is highly player driven and based on what the PC’s do or don’t do; we will be telling the story of this small tribe and what happens to them, do they survive and thrive or will they perish to the elements or to larger tribes?

Currently we have one PC who is either going to be a Ranger or a Fighter and a second PC who is a Warlock. Is anyone interested in joining this sort of campaign?

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What tech are you using to run this @Pravikun?

We’ll be using Roll20 for the virtual Tabletop and Google Meet for the video/voice chat.

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Sorry @Pravikun I would love to but I’m currently in two online DnD campaigns each week and a third would be too much at the moment. If any of them finish soon and you still need players count me in.

No worries @Gungeon both me and my friend have been poking around places looking for other interested parties and we got zero hits of people both interested AND able to play. So for the time being my friend has decided not to bother.

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Sorry to hear that. I’m sure given time players will be become available.