Letters from Whitechapel

‘I remember Massingbird’s most famous case: the Case of the Bloody Knife. A man was found next to a murdered body. He had the knife in his hand. 13 witnesses had seen him stab the victim. And when the police arrived, he said "I’m glad I killed the bastard.’

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Here is the easier-to-read version of the map.

Red circles: potential crime scenes
Yellow-bordered squares: possible police starting points
Red-bordered square: a place the police may be force-moved to by one of Jack’s Letters.

Note that Jack is allowed to overhear the police discussion. For things Jack is not allowed to know (e.g. which police pawn is going where), I recommend spoiler or details blocks.

First Head of Investigation will be Lordof1. No action required yet.


Can I confirm what if any optional rules we are using?

Table order:

  • Lordof1
  • RossM
  • Assussanni
  • InkyBloc
  • Whistle_Pig

Probably the best bet for this first game is to use no optional rules - so no Letters, sorry @COMaestro.

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Never used them, so no loss for me.

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Is there any way you could emphasize the yellow squares a bit more? They’re a little tough to pick out.

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I’ll have a play. It’s a bitmap so i want to vectorise it anyway.

Night 1. All eight of the potential crime scenes are active.

The police must now collectively place their patrols—five real investigators (you lot), and two dummies. (All on the yellow-bordered crossings.) You can discuss as you like, but @Lordof1 will secretly send me the final dispositions.

Once that is done, three of the crime scenes will be removed.

(Sorry, a quick trace didn’t help matters. Sticking with the bitmap for now.)

Maybe highlight the intersections in green, or something that stands out better.

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All right, any spoilery suggestions?

Twelve o’clock and all’s well.

Lots of suspicious types out and about tonight, boss, and an ill feeling in the air. But your guess is as good as mine as to where trouble might start.

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Here’s a modified map. I’m autogenerating this off someone’s CSV coordinate and connection file, so I can change basically everything. Tweak requests welcome.

Starting crossings are now boxed in a darker yellow.


Nope. I’d say allocate as you see fit.

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Here’s a spoiler: Nobody expects Jack’s hideout to be at 23.

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As long as we’re not all clumped together I don’t mind where we start

Jack has some recommendations, if you’re interested…

Of course!

Apologies for the delay, life things. Will try to get to this tonight.



Jack removes the three “dummy” victims, leaving 3, 21, 84, 147 and 149.

We are now in hour I of V.

@COMaestro: Jack must choose: kill now, or wait.

If Jack waits:

  • red Time of Crime marker moves left one space (II, III, etc.) giving Jack more time to escape
  • Head of Investigation (@Lordof1) moves each potential victim one space (not through or next to police, and not onto a previous murder site, though that latter doesn’t apply yet)
  • Jack chooses one Police token to reveal; if it’s one of the two dummies, it’s removed.
  • continue this cycle

Once Jack decides to kill, we move into the next stage. Jack cannot wait beyond Hour V.