Letters from Whitechapel

Anyone up for playing this? (Which game to depend on how many players; WM is 2-4, LfW is 2-6 and apparently better at the larger player count.)

Official rules (salvaged from archive.org)
lfh_rules_letter_en_low_res.pdf (9.0 MB)

Unofficial easier-to-read rules
Letters_from_Whitechapel.pdf (14.5 KB)

I’m keen. I’ve only played Whitehall Mystery once before but I think I mostly remember how it works.

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I would be up for either.

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Extra, extra, Victorian madman strikes again!

Sign me up.

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Count me in as well!


Ooh yes please!

I’ll join if there’s space :slight_smile:

OK, that’s six players which is right for Letters from Whitechapel. I’ll sort out some bits. Any volunteers to play Jack?

I’ll link the rulebook in the first post.

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Happy to Jack but will defer to others

Looks like the rules suggest the most experienced player is a good choice for Jack, and I have very little experience!

With that said, I’d be happy to play Jack if no-one else wants to.

I don’t mind trying to get away with murder, so will be Jack if no one else expresses strong interest.

We’ll probably have to roll off or something, since so far everyone is willing to be Jack. :slight_smile:

OK, everyone who wants to be, roll a d20.

[roll d20]

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@COMaestro asked for a die roll:
d20: 20

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Hmm, high or low is best? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was assuming high…

Looks like @COMaestro is a natural

@RossM asked for a die roll:
d20: 1

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Serial killer? Great…

Let me know if you want your title changed.