Leaving Earth : Robots

Got Bored,

Made Something

Robots.pdf (231.2 KB)


Initial suggestions:

  • affected by radiation like probes, but capsules give a bonus
  • do they count as occupying a seat in a capsule for purposes of astronaut space?
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Oooh I like this, particularly the idea of a Major Failure leading to a destroyed robot and a damaged capsule; for some reason, I can’t help but think of Ash from Alien.

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  1. What do you mean by bonus to capsules?
  2. They do count towards capacity. I thought I said this, I will clarify.
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Yep. When robots go wrong, they go spectacularly wrong, waving their tube arms all over the place.



Robots are affected by radiation like Probes, (not at all in the core game ,possibly in Outer Planets and Stations) but if they are in a capsule with a radiation bonus that bonus is applied to them.


Robots in space require a seat in a capsule, but do not help with the mental health checks of astronauts. For example, an astronaut in a capsule with 2 robots would still be considered to be alone. Astronauts still need two unoccupied seats each to avoid mental health checks.

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Cool. Nice addition. I’ll rewrite and add the damaged card to the manual as well.

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Have you ever considered that they might Kill All Humans, given the first opportunity?

[Innocent beep]

Maybe some sort of increasing risk with mission complexity?

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I did, but… if they damage the capsule and there’s no spare parts on board, they have killed the crew.


Yes, I’m not sure it needs to be any more complex. I think it’s a great addition. Next forum game!


Updated first post with modified pdf.

I’ve added a clarification that you draw robot outcomes after life support outcomes, to stop a robot breaking your capsule and killing you without the chance to repair it in the following turn.


First post updated with modified images, typos corrected and a list of references.

Appreciate a quick look through and I’ll stick it on BGG.




  • version number in filename and/or in document
  • "Robots do not consume supplies each turn. " → “Robots do not consume supplies/food each year.”
  • "“Astronauts still need two unoccupied seats each to avoid mental health checks.” I know this was my suggestion but I put it badly. Maybe “But a robot occupying a seat is still taking up space for the purposes of mental health checks”?
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Ok. First two implemented. I don’t think I understand the last point. Can you expand a bit?

Basically I wanted to express the mental health rules as something not wildly different from the way the rulebook does it. Sorry, I’m probably being inconsistent.

As I think of it, to remain healthy:

  • An astronaut may not be the sole occupant of a spacecraft (and robots dont count).
  • Each astronaut needs at least two seats to themselves (and robots occupy seats).

The sentence I think I would add to Stations p. 26 section on Mental Health might be:

“Robots do not count as astronauts, but do occupy seats on board.”

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