Leaving Earth #2

OK, anyone else feel free to leap in if timing matters, but I think we’re back to @yashima.

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(I’m done other than checking my life support at end of turn.)

Okay first of all have I forgot to survey Mercury?
Because the map still says ??? and a search on the thread suggests I did not in fact do so.
I was going to do it while in fly-by. So I didn’t do it this turn because I assumed it was done and had not checked the map -.-

Thanks @RossM for the hint with the Habitats.

There appears to be 1 Juno + 1 Probe of mine in the “Orbital Mess”
So. Shopping:

  • 24¤ for 2x Proton Rocket
  • 1¤ for 1 Food


  • 1 Atlas Rocket: buy off failures only

Assemble Lastesel I as planned:

  • 1 Saturn for Stage 1
  • 1 Saturn for Stage 2
  • Total 20 Payload to EO:
    • 2 Proton Rocket = 12
    • 2 Ion Thrusters = 2
    • 2 Food = 2
    • 4 Junos = 4

Rendevous payload with my Orbital Leftovers for now. I don’t need to have the food inside some kind of Life Supporting container right? The food keeps…

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You did get the points for Mercury Survey, I just didn’t actually reveal it. Valuable minerals, sample on Earth $30.

Item Paid Left
2 Proton 24 6
1 Food 1 5

Firing the Atlas, it’s a Success.

I have lost track of anything in orbit for you. I’d believe in a Juno + Probe.

No special storage needed for food, but to test Life Support you’ll need a capsule. @Lordof1 has an Eagle and a Vostok in orbit they might be willing to transfer.

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I’m good with no life support test. but Atlas success means i have a bit of money. I’ll hold the thought on what to do with it. meanwhile if anyone else isn’t finished for the round go ahead.

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France is done

Nobody else has money at all, so your call when you want to end the year.

Buy an Atlas. If I misremember and it is 4 and not 5 buy Food. Done.

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Atlas is 5 money, 4 mass.

End of 1967.

  • Capsules off Earth check Life Support.
    • NASA - you have a couple in orbit. I think that counts as auto-failure since you haven’t developed your own life support advancement.
    • The OLA mission en route uses OKB-1’s reliable life support.
    • ESA has two Vostoks in orbit. First one, success. (No money to buy it off even if you want to.) Second one, success.
  • OLA mission astronauts eat one Food.
  • Time tokens are removed.
    • SAC’s Chang’e arrives at Outer Planets Transfer.
    • ESA’s Reliable arrives at Venus Fly-By.


  • Calendar advances. Jupiter slingshot is open.
  • Money is reset.
  • Hydroponics produce food.
    • @RossM ESA first draw is a success. Buy it off? One to follow.

Nope. Let’s leave it

  • Second synthesis draw is a success. Buy it off it you like.
  • Fuel generators with CO₂ produce fuel.
  • no “start of year” mission resolution.


  1. 13 France - RossM
  2. 12 Japan - yashima
  3. 4 USSR - RogerBW
  4. 1 USA - Lordof1
  5. 0 China - lalunaverde

Turn order:

  1. China - @lalunaverde
  2. USA - Lordof1
  3. USSR - RogerBW
  4. Japan - yashima
  5. France - RossM

I won’t pay off the success

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I’ll drive my Probe + Ion to Jupiter Fly-By pls

I’ll pass for now so I can think of what to do.

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Jupiter fly-by is D4, fixed 2 years; mass 3 needs 12 thrust;, 2 ions × 5 thrust/year × 2 years = 20, no problem.

@Lordof1 is up next.

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Do any of the astronauts need to check for radiation?

Nope! That’s why we included the Aldrin in the Ares Mk 2 design.

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Apologies, I know it’s my go, just trying to find time. I’ll skip my turn for the moment if it helps.

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  • buy 4 large fuel tanks @ 6 = 24
  • buy 1 Aldrin @ 4 = 4
  • hold onto remaining 2 for now.

Over to @yashima

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Okay, sorry I am here and (edit: done) thinking about my turn.

From the Orbital Mess aka Lastesel I detach

  1. 2 Ions and 1 Probe to form a new vehicle which I christen “Plan C” and launch it towards ITP
  2. Shinji and Kusanagi both still have time to go
  3. Buy 1 Proton and 1 Atlas for 17 spacebucks
  4. With the Atlas I bought last round assemble “Lastesel II”
    • Stage 1 to LEO (diff 3): 2 x Atlas = 2 x 27 / 3 - 8 = payload capacity 10 (minus 6 for stage 2) = 4
    • Stage 2 to EO (diff 5): 1 x Proton = 1 x 70 / 5 - 6 = payload capacity 8
    • Payload: Aldrin Capsule (3) + Food

So let’s try this rather risky endeavour.

  • I will buy off any failure on stage 1. But leave successes.
  • I will buy off whatever happens on stage 2 if we get that far.

1 I don’t see a Probe in the orbital stack, but there’s a fair chance I’ve messed it up somewhere. Difficulty 3 × mass 3 = thrust 10 needed, so 1 time.
3 check.

  • Atlas has 2 cards. First fire: success. Second fire: success
  • Protoc has 3 cards. Fire: success. Buying that off. ¤3 remaining.
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