Leaving Earth #2

5 food pls

OK, @Lordof1 has 25.

Before I forget to announce it I will be traveling next week, I’ll have some digital devices with me but I really don’t know how much time I will find, I will do my best. On that note I want to apologize, when I joined this game I thought I had the brain-space to participate and actually plan and play. But things have been rather un-quiet around here and I have been massively pre-occupied for the past month or two. And it is not going to be better, traveling really is the smaller obstacle to me doing my turns than all the other shenanigans.


No bother. Take all the time tokens you need!


Absolutely. Yeah, I can solo this game in a few hours (I know because I have), but I think a lot of the fun of it is the thinking about it, and that takes time and reflection.

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I’m going to second this, I have been coasting and just never find the time to sit around and plan anything. I’m still trying to find time to plan this turn’s move but have once again failed, so instead I’m going to buy as many Saturns as I can with my money, and top it up with Soyuz then Juno in that order. Sorry again.


1 Saturn, 1 Soyuz, 2 Juno.

Me with ¤2: bah, I don’t even have Juno tech. I’ll get another probe.

End of year 1966

(gosh that took a while).

2 damaged CNES Junos are repaired.
OLA astronauts eat food.
Vehicles from ISAS and OKB-1 arrive in Outer Planets Transfer.
Vehicle from CNES arrives in Inner Planets Transfer.
Vehicle from ISAS arrives in Mercury Orbit.

1967 begins

Uranus slingshot is open.


  1. 13 France - RossM
  2. 12 Japan - yashima
  3. 4 USSR - RogerBW
  4. 1 USA - Lordof1
  5. 0 China - lalunaverde

Turn order:

  1. China - @lalunaverde
  2. USA - Lordof1
  3. USSR - RogerBW
  4. Japan - yashima
  5. France - RossM

What were my life support draws for the two capsules in orbit?

Sorry, failed to realise you didn’t have it at zero outcomes.

Success, Success.


Pre-turn 1967 things

  • Hydroponics Module on Areas produces 1 Food.
  • Fuel Generators at OKB-1 on Earth produce 2 small fuel tanks.

Do we want to do a pause for a few days for calculations?

I don’t think we’re that scheduled. :slight_smile:

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You’ve noted the food as still being part of the reliable. It’s still in orbit with the 2 Vostok’s.

Apologies, I’d got the impression you had sent it off.

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Cool. I’ll make a move soon