Leaving Earth #1

I haven’t run this as a pbf before, but I’ve extracted the bits from the Tabletop Simulator mod so that I can work it from my laptop… base game only, up to five players, probably with lots of discussion about how things work since the manual’s not the clearest. Who’s in?

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Yes! I am in!

Fun fact! Leaving earth has also been played as a megagame!

Link (Start at 5:00)


Hmm! That could be a lot of fun…

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I think this might be a damp squid. (As no one has ever said.)

A damp squid is a happy squid.

Up to you - try it with two, or do something else?

I’m more than happy to do something different, you never know someone might turn up!

Can’t believe no one wanted to do a pbf leaving earth. :crazy_face:

I think originally I had the impression it would be too “multiplayer solitaire”-y. Being a newbie to the game, I would be hesitant to start creating rule variants, but I feel as though cooperation might need to be gamified a little more (moreso than even what Stations adds).

[EDIT]: I’m up for a game now that I’ve gotten a couple of solo games in to learn the ropes.

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I would suggest a quick and dirty game of base and Mercury? Or outer planets if you preferred?


Well, there are the team rules in the base game rulebook, Players and Agencies chapter.

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To be honest, the teams rules sound like a lot of fun but essentially cut the game into tiny chunks and lets each person play their own minigame (this is bordering on Team Building exercise territory).

I wish the publisher and designer didn’t have a falling out, because I feel there is a lot of potential to gamify the funding portion of the game that, honestly, would probably be too much in a face-to-face game, but could add a needed next-level to make PBF and/or megagame sessions more engaging.

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I am absolutely amazed anyone would put a timelimit on the calculations.

Last game we played had 4 players. Lots of horse trading evolved.

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Well color me a newb, I didn’t even realize there were horses in space!

The Americans and Russians sent many animals. I believe the main difference is that the Russians at least tried to make them survive the trip.

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I think I could probably run this. I just need to borrow a neutral player to randomise the various unexplored tiles.

I’m happy to do this too. It just didn’t seem as though it would work with just two players.

I kind of missed this… can I still jump in? I am not really practiced with pbf games but after that last big game of Leaving Earth here at home I would like the opportunity to practice the game a little with players who know the rules better than me?


I was going to @yashima you, yashima.

Let me set up a new thread.