Last Game you sold! (Volume 2)

Sold Ticket to Ride: Play Pink.

Found out it was selling for £20, I like playing Pink but £20 is £20


Sold recently

Die Patin too chaotic, I’d rather play El Grande

Metro, played it and remembered why I sold it first time round

Hollywood Golden Age, It’s fine.


Right culling a few games. Anyone interested here in the following before I put it on FB:

Wavelength -£15

Search for Planet X- £20

Cthulhu wars duel - p&p only.

Wabash cannonball (Rio grande version sealed) - £15

Welcome to plus neoprene Mat and 4 alternative packs (sealed) - £15

Message if you want pics/details.


I finally got around to putting up another add on Kleinanzeigen. And sold

  • my old iteration of El Dorado plus expansions
  • Search for Planet X (it seems I like deduction less than I thought. Maybe Turing machine soured me on the whole genre?)
  • Verdant—just wasn‘t as great as Calico and Cascadia. Too much like Calico in many respects.
  • Brew—picked it up on the idea that my partner likes games with dice. Taught myself the rules. Felt a bit lame.
  • Treasure Island—we played it a few times. It‘s certainly fun. But I was thinking of trying the coop version at some point and this one wasn‘t getting to the table again.
  • Fun Facts—one from the repos line that is too much like other games and while one game was fun, it didn‘t seem like I wanted to play this again over Just One or So Clover.
  • Villagers—I had tried to give this to friends who returned it. I found this one pretty boring. One of the early KS I backed.

I have more on the sell list. But this is a good start.


The more I look at Turing Machine the more I suspect I’ll have to get into the solo game to go beyond the basics.


Also sold

  • The Whatnot Cabinet–pretty but very little game and I have other set collection stuff
  • Tindaya–I finally found someone interested in it.

What is weird about this round of selling: usually I have to make packages and run to Packstation 3 or 4 times for an ad… this time I have 3 people who wanted to pick up games.

DHL has become quite expensive and for people who only want a single game that’s just not worth it. Same for me which is why I always put a whole bunch of games in a single Kleinanzeige… so people can pick and choose. And I rarely ever send out packages with just one game. Except for collector’s items of course.


And 4 more are going to Packstation: Cryo, Hidden Leaders, The King is Dead and Equinox.

  • I can’t get the King is dead played. Just a bad fit for my local gamers.
  • Cryo seemed just not as interesting as reviews had made it seem after learning. Both Spacebiff and SVWAG seemed to like it and I had wanted a somewhat classic worker placement game that wasn’t Uwe-farming. But I guess I might have wanted something that’s like Waterdeep and maybe if there is nothing quite like Waterdeep, I really want Waterdeep? (I’ve only ever played the app and quite like it)
  • Equinox–so pretty, so Knizia, so excited to open it and then I couldn’t bring myself to even try and teach it to my partner. I still have well over a dozen Knizias…
  • Hidden Leaders–we actually tried that. Not bad but one of those Crowdfunding things that just seems way more exciting on paper than it is on the table. I still have Royal Visit (Knizia! Ha!) for 2 player and this would never get to the table with more players over the rest of my collection.

also: I am always amazed how easy paypal and dhl+packstation make all this… I mean DHL is shitty expensive… but still it’s just so easy to use it all and have a nice solid label and bring it to Packstation night and day and… without those 2 I would never be selling ANY games.


I’m starting to feel this way too. I mean, it’s OK, but lots of games are OK now, and I don’t think I’ve ever found myself saying “oh boy, I want to play Hidden Leaders again”.


I’m happy with expensive delivery servives, if they’re good


Loads at Aire Con, either in the BnB or pre sold on Facebook

A Feast for Odin with Norwegians - the skill ceiling I’ve hit is too frustrating now, plus it’s on BGA

Space Alert - Kate hated this and we never play it

Underwater Cities - good euro but we don’t play.

Keylower - I think I’m too rubbish at this to enjoy playing it, so never suggest it. I prefer Ethnos and Quartermaster General with 6 players

Biblios - it’s fine

Flick Fleet - basically because I got a good price for it and I’d like someone else to enjoy it because it sat in the drawer

Little Town - SUSD loved it, got it BNIS in a Maths Trade, never played it

Fuji Flush - never hit with us

Plus a few other bits and bobs. We paid for our tickets and hotel with the sales


Dig. Tiny game, but it tries to be too much of a game, which it can’t be given its size, then a daft laugh.

BGA? It’s on there too. It’s become a great respository of games I really wanted to try but didn’t need to own, and Equinox is on that list.

Maybe you just want Waterdeep. It’s so simple and shallow I keep thinking that I should sell it. Parks is prettier and Architects has more chrome, right? Waterdeep just keeps delivering. Scoundrels gets it up to our gamer level. Undermountain adds more complex (read:interesting) quests and Skullport adds corruption. The game’s simplicity and apparent lack of depth, I’ve decided, allow full view of how fun the simple mechanics are. Like a steak that’s just perfectly salted, nothing else.


Went to a local gaming convention yesterday with both a sale table and a trade table. Got rid of:
Last Will
Story War complete collection

In return I traded for, bought, or received:
Marvel United X-Men
Forge War
Some small box card game from the trade table
$35 profit

Not bad.




Just too many games and that one is not getting to the table. Fortunately sold it to a friend so if we get an urge, we can get access to play it.