Last game you bought?

Is anyone down for Wyrmspan? The interview with the designer with spacebiff sounded like they put some decent thought behind it and it seems to have a good aesthetic coherence. I’m more tempted than I initially thought when I heard there was a wingspan do over.


My FLGS was very enthusiastic or so I gathered from our chat last week.

Since my partner is a fan of all kinds of flying reptiles… I guess we’ll get a copy. Also yes Spacebiff’s review sounded not bad.

It’s not like we lack Wingspan content… and maybe a new iteration with fewer messy expansion abilities… might bring it back to the table more regularly again


When the latest allplay pledgemanager popped up with a whole bunch of campaigns bundled (nicely 2 of mine–Through the Desert and the Trailblazer’s expansion)… my regrets about not backing Zoo Vadis finally came to an end.

I’ve been watching ALL the available FLGS for copies to pop up even just for preorder but outside of a few customs-burdened UK shops… nothing.

I blame circumstances and a bad case of FOMO (much rarer these days) but Zoo Vadis is now on my preorder list :slight_smile:


I forgot I ordered Pax Penning until she gave me an invoice. Photo below from the designer. (Yes. Same designer of Turncoats)


I had a voucher so Kiri-Ai: The Duel ended up costing me about three quid. And it is a gorgeous thing.


Not bought any games for a long, long time. But last night I picked this up…

… and it’s really rather good. Except… I can’t count.


Ok, more retail therapy…

Branch and Claw! (Plus some Manga)


A game I was chatting about last year. Looks interesting, but after opening it up I’m really not sure where Travelling Man got that price tag from. Luckily it was 50% off, which seems a fair price for the game. Actual metal cogs inclusded for some reason, if that’s the reason for the pricec tag then that’s foolish as they could easily be printed onto cardboard instead.


65 is hilarious - I thought the RRP was nearer 50 which is probably fair. It might be because it’s Rio Grande who often print in expensive labour areas but maybe not if it’s a co-production.

I have this and have not played it because it feels like a “this would be better with 3” game.

The designer also suggested that they wanted to put money into the bits you hold and mess about with.

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There is some sense to that. There’s a reason a lot of people upgrade to metal coins or poker chips or GeekBits for games they enjoy. There is a joy in tactility.

Of course, cost does need to be a factor, as not everyone has the excess money to bling out their games like that.

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I get that but what you don’t see on the box is that

they’re tiny! I’m relucant to take the game to a pub or somewhere because those cogs will get lost very easily.


That feels very “we want metal cogs and this price point, what size can we get?”

So I got Viking Seesaw


Couple of orders came in this week:

First, the French version of the expansion for Ark Nova, Marine Worlds, finally came back in stock at one of the stores we like to go to, so I pounced before it vanished again. It arrived on Monday.

Then, Apiary had caught my eye. I watched a review and a tutorial to get an idea of the mechanics and it seemed delightful, so I ordered it as well. It arrived today.

All that’s left now is Lacrimosa, based on the recommendation of a good friend of mine who knows our tastes and our collection. It’s on pre-order at our favourite store. Looking forward fo that!


Continuing the discussion from Photos of our pets:

Well, yes, I have a review copy of Imperium Horizons. I quite enjoyed the first two, and if there’d been a vendor at the gathering where I first played it I’d have bought them on the spot, but another play on TTS felt like a bit of a grind. Looking forward to trying this one out, apparently with slight rules improvements (a quick skim suggests the explanations of symbology are clearer for a start).

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Planet Etuc and Dharma Meeting (Japanese version of No Mercy) arrived today.

Daughter declared the latter creepy. Oh. Anyone want it? :joy:

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Not creepy! Cute!


That’s what I thought

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Grabbed a cheap copy of Trust Me, I’m a Superhero, which seems a silly game in the style of Funemployed or Snake Oil. Worth a try for £15.


That sounds like a variant of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor (and indeed, I see it is from the same company).


My family have had great fun with Snake Oil so might have a look at this! I’ve also heard of Trust Me, I’m a Doctor but I think this theme sounds better.