Last game you bought?

That could be a thread in itself, “games you’d bought by the end of your first play”. :slight_smile:

I played Roll once and it struck me as “Race, but even more random”. Clearly many people disagree.

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That was my reaction too. I really disappointed the person showing me the game that I wasn’t an instant convert to Roll is better than Race. I could happily never play Roll again.

I’ll back you up, Roll is not better than Race! But my conclusion is sufficiently different, sufficiently good.

I would read this thread

Perhaps more commonly, games you bought after one play (and what happened after)

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Usually I never play it again, get frustrated and sell it.


I prefer Roll to Race (obviously :sweat_smile:). The randomness makes it more straight up fun for me, and less of a brow furrowing thinky puzzle. I enjoy Race as a ‘serious’ game, I enjoy Roll as a pleasant breezy fun time.

Roll is the perfect fun:length ratio for me. Once you have the rules down, it’s very nearly a filler game (at a stretch).

And Roll is much better at higher player counts. Race is a 2p game to me. Multiplayer boardgames and 2p dueling card games occupy very different parts of my brain.


Topically, if you are in the US, Miniature Market just launched a sale.
Neom - $24
Blue Moon City - $16
Lowlands - $36
Pictomania - $8
Reef - $22
Steam - $20

Those are what caught my eye. But Neom.


I saw this too and it was fresh in my memory after seeing some chatter about here on the forums. It seems a great price… but I already have a lot of tile laying games… and city builders never seem to go over well with my partner. has AI and the solo variant. Worth trying.

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Lowlands for 36 dollars is a steal!


I am crying about Blue Moon City for $16. cheapest in EU is something like 50€ plus postage from another country. I am tempted to ask my friend in the US to order one for me and hold it until we meet next… whenever that may be.


Have to correct myself. If I really want it… ebay Kleinanzeigen has a bunch of copies at around that price point.

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Fort. Saw it cheap played it once second hand (and sleeved even). My daughter turns 9 in two weeks… Done deal, present sorted.


Got my Kyle Ferrin Art Box!


Hadrian’s Wall arrived for my crazy roll n write collection

On the left is the box. On the right is how much of the box is filled with the paper pads.

This is how much is needed for a maximum player count game.

This is getting ridiculous now. The box doesn’t even close properly with all the pads. Think I’m going have to use a bunch up just to get the lid flush! I usually laminate the sheets immediately.


I got the go-ahead to plunk down for the rest of the Gale Force Nine Aliens stuff, so I’ve brought home Get Away from Her you B####! and Ultimate Badasses

I’ve got a pretty good little Plano solution going for the game, so I’ll be looking to condense all the non-mini materials into the core box, to be ditched once I can find a proper bin.

Given the structure of the campaign, I’m pretty happy to have this one “complete” ahead of my first play. Lots to expand here for what will largely be a solo game.


FLGS was having a Memorial Day sale starting today, and with encouragement from my wonderful wife, I got there shortly after the store opened.

Had some decent deals ($20 off PanLeg S0), but only grabbed Tournament at Camelot for $20. One of the employees also pointed out their Dent and Ding section and in checking it out I found Renature for $20, all due to a small tear in the bottom of the box.


I preordered The Loop after waffling for months about preordering vs waiting… (1)

Because it is impossible to just preorder one 35€ game, somehow Iberian Gauge may have slipped into that order.

(1) I asked at FLGS if they were getting the game and the answer was „we got an email about this weird looking game but there was almost no information on it“ I couldn’t quite get him to tell me if they had ordered it or not… so I assume they didn’t.


I ordered a few new titles this week, namely Summoner Wars 2ed, Calico, Super-Skill Pinball 4Cade and Railroad Ink Challenge Green. Unfortunately we’re currently in lockdown 4.0 - hoping it lifts soon so I can get them played :frowning: . Though, failing that, I suppose I can have some fun with Super-Skill Pinball solo.