Image uploads broken?

I was just trying to post in a thread with an attached image. The image upload reaches 100% and then stalls; eventually reporting that something went wrong and the UI aborts the upload.

This may be related to the upcoming downtime?

[EDIT] Nevermind, it’s probably a size limitation as both of images I was trying to upload were the larger, unedited versions

I’ve had that problem a few times over the last month. It tends to work after 3 or so attempts

Using Chrome on a phone.

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Uploading an image also gets the server to resize it, for convenience displaying it on different devices. That then loads the server while it’s doing the processing.

I think the short-term answer is probably “retry if needed, maybe wait a bit in case someone else is doing it at the same time”; the long-term answer is “persuade Roger that a new faster server is a sustainable cost”. :slight_smile:


I’ve had issue but using a smaller size solves it every time. Also means I don’t needlessly post an oversized picture of my carpet.

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